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Recently I've been trying to re-capture the essence of why I draw, spark my flame and love for picking up a pencil and creating something that makes me smile. I try not to let it get to me but each fav, pageview and comment I get matters to me. Perhaps its because I got really low self-esteem these days and feeling depressed but it gives me the tiny boost I need, that perhaps I'm not a failure and perhaps I'm good at SOMETHING that matters and makes other people smile! But I can't help but wonder after browsing through DA that perhaps pretty people equal they got "better art" then the rest. They  get more "publicity" and attention like the popular crowd at schools do. I try not to let it bug me but it does, perhaps because I don't concider myself pretty 'cause I'm a bit overweight and have issues.

Why DO somepeople get more pageviews and comments eventhough their art might not be as good as someone else? What makes people show one person more attention then another? Is it because that person might be pretty? Or follow the art-trend of the moment? What draws a person in to a person profile? Is it perhaps only luck that makes people land on a persons gallery and a falling row of dominos that follow?

These thoughts have been going through my mind as I hope to become an illustrator one day, make my own series of children books and I dream of seeing my artwork on products up for sales in stores! A full time job as an artist! But to reach that point I'm afraid that creating great artwork just won't be enough, that good looks and luck will have to play a big part in it. What if I don't have those looks, presentation or luck on my side? Perhaps my determination and ambition just won't cut it....

...what then?

(sorry for a wierd, moody journal, just needed to vent messy thoughts in my head )


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intrepidMUSE Featured By Owner May 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I definitely don't think that pretty people means more attention to their art. The only time this would apply is with photography. People love to see great pictures of beautiful women... but that doesn't apply to their art. It's hard to get noticed on DA... it really is... if you upload enough work then eventually you get more and more people who will notice. It takes time...

Another thing I noticed is that if your work and style evolves and then you bound to get more views. People notice real quality artwork :) yup yup!
Iluvfaeries Featured By Owner May 12, 2010   Traditional Artist
Interesting theory, but I don't think it matters. Your art is gorgeous, I don't know what you look like at all, but I think your art is fabulous ;) And really, pretty/beautiful etc is all so subjective. I think it is the 'relentless' artists who get there... the ones that NEVER give up trying. Just my little opinion ;) And I think you should keep on keeping on, cos you are good!
Cilitra Featured By Owner May 12, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the comment, and after reading yours and past comments I think you guys are right. Guess I've just been feeling insecure lately, but this helped! Now I just need to keep on going and reach for the stars! :)
Mimuro-Hime Featured By Owner May 7, 2010
a er oftast bara a flk commentar miki. A tala vi ara er mjg str ttur v a vera vinsll hrna. Maur getur s smu manneskjuna morgum myndum alltaf eitt af fyrstu kommentunum. Alltaf a segja "hi" vi eitthva flk ea fav'a endalaust, watcha endalaust, vi a koma helling af flki suna na. Fyrir mr snst etta samt aallega um myndlistina en ekki a essi sa s eins og facebook, twitter ea myspace ea allar r sur ar sem keppist um a eiga flesta vini og mestu vinsldirnar.

Hafu engar hyggjur mr finnst myndirnar inar trlega star og a er alltaf skemmtilegt egar setur eitthva ntt upp :)
hildur-k-o Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
tt eftir a meika a,eingin spurning, art bara halda fram a vinna nu og vinna a taka nstu skref til a vekja athyggli r. Allir sem sj verk n sj strax a tt eftir a heilla alla egar fer a vinna barnabkur og llu au stu verk sem tekur r fyrir hendur.

ert isleg, og arft bara sj a hve isleg og hfileikark ert :D
SLRisme Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2010
Believe me, I understand fully well of what you're talking about. Even on fanfiction when it deals with writing people still look at looks, it's sometimes the way of certain human nature.

What then?

I'll tell you 'what then', you keep trying, because they're people on your side that would LOVE to see you do a children's book. Dr. Seuse *However you spell it* Wasn't handsome, however he was a very famous children's book writer/artist. Just talk to people and keep drawing, you'll get there one day.

No matter what you're looks are. :)
asa-bryndis Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
g skil hva tt vi. a er rosalega frustrerandi a sj flk me fleiri sund, ef ekki hundru, pageviews og faves, egar eirra verk eru...tjah, alls ekki merkileg a mnu mati. g held reyndar a DA s n langt fr v a vera mlistika hvernig flki gengur raun og veru me ferilinn. Oftast eru etta litlar gelgjur sem pumpa t hellin af Sonic ea anime fanarti. Eitthva segir mr a hafir miklu meiri lkur a f listatengt starf en au!

Varandi a sem sagir samt, a flk arf a vera fallegt til a "meika'a", er g n reyndar ekki svo viss. Allavega hrna netinu veit g varla hvernig neinn (..m. :3) ltur t svo a hefur engin hrif hvaa listamenn g held upp .

Vissulega er samt rtt, eins og nefndir, a margir listamenn hreinlega detta e-h lukkupott fyrir tilviljun og gengur vel. g tri samt fastlega a ef maur leggur sig 100% fram a sem maur elskar a gera, mun manni ganga vel, a virist bara taka mislangan tma fyrir flk. Svo ekki gefast upp, mr finnst a sem teiknar mjg skemmtilegt og original! =)
Rapsody Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2010
:hug: I've seen your art on the front page many times :D Because it's just so darn CUTE! :la:
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