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Wanted to give you guys an update on the matter with our cat Móri.
After the vet appointment last week I've been keeping an close eye on him and now I can see those tiny signs of pain. He shivers occasionaly and if I look into his face I can see the pain he must be in. Very hard to just sit there watching my boy in pain and not be able to do anything. Thankfully I have a great family who suggested they would pitch in some money to help us pay for the opperation. If that wasn't enough the people at the vets office told me I could cut down the payments down to a few months since it was a pretty expensive thankfully the money part of the surgery is taken care of. It will be a pretty close month but hopefully we'll manage. Cup-o-noodles here I come!

So last night I put both my cats into the bathroom to rest. The Vet said Móri should be without food and water the night before the surgery and I thought he'd endure it better if his brother was with him as when relitives visit they always stay in the bathroom during the nighttime so they are used to it. This morning we then got Móri in his cage while his brother was like a kalf in the summer, running, jumping and playing, with Móri miserabley sitting locked up not knowing what was happening. Whenever we take take the cage they've ALWAYS gone together so I think Móri knew it was time for another Vet appointment. He cried on the way there, think it was the car or the movement was hurting his leg, either way it hurt me to hear him. We arrived and I heared I could pick him up between 16.00-17.00 (between 4-5pm)I'm at work until then and I'm even going to get out early so I don't loose my mind with worry.

I'll give you the update on how the surgery goes. Thank you all for the comments and thoughts. Good to know I'm not the only crazy pet person in the world. It truly is amazing how close to our hearts animals can be, they are like our children :)

Hopefully tonight when he's safe at home I'll be able to relax, sit down and sketch something. I'm only able to sketch stuff when I'm relaxed.....otherwise its like a kid at kindergarden was trying.

Thanks again, I'll update this post tonight when the surgery is over!
ChalithraDeVir Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010  Student Filmographer
manni veršur alltaf eitthvaš svo illt ķ hjartanum žegar dżrunum manns eru alvarlega veik. vonandi veršur allt eins og žaš į aš vera
Skottan Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ęj greyiš litla ég vona aš hann nįi góšum bata!
Cilitra Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Takk fyrir žaš. Hann veršur ca. 6vikur haltrandi allaveganna.. en hann er ekki nema 1 1/2 įr svo hann ętti aš hafa skjótan bata :)
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Submitted on
February 2, 2010