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Electronics + Cilitra = ERROR!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 19, 2011, 6:54 PM
I've found it funny for years now that so many electronic things around me keep breaking and going crazy around me. Seems I don't have a good influence on them and now my darling computer has decided to break down into a coma making me either pay the ransom of huge payments for new parts OR simply replace it with a newer, better model like so many older men do when they get scared of the gray hairs and the wrinkles on their wives faces.... No matter how hard I tried to think up a better way to save the dear it simply would end up costing more then a new one and this way I get a new computer (on payments since I'm broke as hell) AND my darling, freckled, most handsome man in the world Fiancé will get some of the parts to give better life for HIS computer. So in a way my darling love of those wonderful years will live in by bringing life to some other computer.

Perhaps next weekend I'll get a chance to actual WORK ON SOMETHING as my computer broke down JUST as I was getting in a crazy good groooove!
Next thing I think I'll put together is a rough reference sheet for Po & Pipp in case people want to draw them... better to know what things define the little darlings first, right?

Until I'm back to the virtual world that includes the amazing peeps that are you I'll have to bid farewell and stop type-raping my future husbands computer.....  I think I "might" type a bit to fast and harsh for the poor thing, that or my FH has a wierd love for this computer. Meh, either way :P

Best of luck to all of you and wish me luck in the harsh real world I've been forced to re-enter.... *shrugs*

May the Llama have mercy on me!

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June 19, 2011


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