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DA shop??

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 14, 2010, 3:49 AM
Hi everyone! Hope you are having a fantastic summer.

I've not been upto much beside working and thinking about my future. NEver have much energy left when I finaly arrive home each day and the weekends I make up for my anti-social behaviour and try to mingle a little bit with my friends and family. I have though been trying to sit down and sketch every once in a while and am currently trying out new things and working in a program I haven't touched in years: Illustrator! I think I'll have to look up some tutorials on how to work that program as I'm only used to InDesign and Photoshop ^^;

What I've been pondering though is how to get some $$ into my paypal account with my artwork so I can buy some of those amazing things from the artist on DA I truly love! So far I only have a zazzle store which I've neglected in updating for months now (going to correct that SOON) and I've been wondering if I should open up a Cafepress account and see what they have to offer.. What has also been on my mind is the store on DA.

Anyone have any experience with it?  

So far I've gotten a few requests for prints on a few of my pictures but I haven't done anything about it yet. Then the other night when I couldn't sleep i thought...hey why not! Then those few who DO want prints could get some (+ merch) and perhaps I could get a few more dollars into my paypal account so i can support more artist in return! With the money problems we have here at home I can't spare a single cent of what I earn through my daily job but if I could earn it through paypal with my artwork then I could perhaps FINALY get something for myself instead of paying bills, bills, bills! After my zazzle store's been open for a year now (actively open mind you) I finaly could afford to buy something I wanted, and the first item of choice was… soooo exited and truly can't wait for it to arrive! I've always had a thing for foxes! Already I've lined up the next item i want to buy and that is

I got a whole list of things I want to buy from some of my favorite people on DA. Some are plushies like the above, others are charms, jewelery, bags and who knows what these brilliant people have created! I just know they make me drool and I wants it all NOW!

Now I just need to put up some shelfs and start creating the ultimite work-area that will be my computer desk! I want to be able to sit down and feel inspired instead of turning into a brainless Zombie that surfs the same pages over and over again because she's to exhausted and tired to DO something...... I have many ideas I want to work on, but until work is over I'm afraid I'll be to braindead to even go there. Perhaps I just need to hype myself up with energy drinks and see what happens...... or get out of this depression rut I've been in for the last years..that could work too :P

ANyhooo...I'm going to stop boring you with my random jibber jabber! Have a great day and remember

A cup of rainbows and unicorns a day keeps the frowny face awayyyyy!

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Submitted on
June 14, 2010