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Librarian - Metro 2033 by Cilab, visual art

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Super Albino: Llamas are awesome! (145)

Favourite Visual Artist
The Big Ones : W. Eisner / N. Rockwell / A. Mucha / Hugo Pratt / F. Miller
Favourite Movies
Fight Club (D.Fincher), Dobermann (Y. Kounen), Black Snake Moan (C. Brewer), Ridicule (P. Leconte), The Good-The Bad- The Ugly (S. Leone), Do Ha (T. Hark), Ghost In the Shell II - Innocence (M. Oshii)
Favourite TV Shows
Deadwood, Californication, Breaking Bad, Samurai Champloo
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rage against the Machine, Django Reinhardt, Keziah Jones, Tom Waits, Kenji Kawai, GURU, Nina Simone
Favourite Books
"The Man without Qualities" R. Musil, "Fight Club" C.Palahniuk,
Favourite Writers
M. Kundera / H. Hesse / J. Ellroy / C.Bukowski / F. Herbert / T. Pynchon (as novelists) - P.Sloterdijk / F. Nietzsche / E. Durkheim mostly (as essayists/thinkers)
Favourite Games
Probably traditional paper RPGs for the freedom of creation
Favourite Gaming Platform
a nice living room, good table and a bunch of friends
Tools of the Trade
All Pencils & Inks on Paper / Finishing touches on CS5 until 2012. Now I started practicing full digital so beware future posts.
Other Interests
Well, I also draw ... a lil'
Hi everyone, - Seems like most of my journal entries are apologies for not being responsive in messages nor fast enough on replies. This one is no exception and I am truly sorry again. I have been busy with health problems as usual but I shall try to answer all the messages and notes I'm late on, as soon as possible. - Also I'll be clearing out a good part of the present gallery as the whole thing needs refreshing sweeps and updates. Download any pic you like fore it may be gone. I can send or post higher res if needed, don't hesitate to ask. - And starting today, I'll be issuing 'prints' from time to time. Still 'fanart' based,
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The Ultimate Mugen Boxing Tournament has begun. 1st bout: 'Axel Hawk' (Fatal Fury) VS Mike (Street Fighter) . Who should win?

0 votes
Axel Hawk.. of course, by K.O
Axel Hawk.. on points
None.. Double TKO
Mike.. on points
Mike.. of course, by K.O.
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Would you be interested in "Medium Shot Chara design" Fan Art Cards (prints) of famous contemporary Heroes from Video Games?

0 votes
Yay, Ur shit's great!!! I'll gladly pay 10 USD for it! (I'm not really counting on that one but hey if u don't ask...)
yeah, sure! I'd see up to 8 USD as long as the cards are not too small (at least 8 by 8)
Yes, it's a good idea. 5 USD worth at least. U put a lot of time in them after all.
Why not, but then just postcards (4 by 6) at 3.50 USD ( for which I get 1.60 USD)
Nah, work harder. No one would pay for your stuff. (There I'll know you didn't take this poll seriously but no worry no harm done!) ;)
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If you don't already you might enjoy this series.

Heya, we have a Video Game Character Art Challenge ongoing in our group :icongame-art-hq: and since you are an active member of it, I thought I invite you personally.

The task is simple,  draw one of 50 given game characters until the 1st September in a portrait, some submissions can already be seen as examples in the journal.

20 participating artists also get one of 20 different games on Steam (PC) via code, some of them are Road Redemption, Earth Defense Force 4 and many more.

Please have a look at Our August Art Challenge: Draw a Portrait!Heya, our July Challenge was simply to draw a video game character of your choice, in August it is getting a bit more challenging!
The Task is to draw a Portrait of one of the following 50 video game characters. You don't have to claim one or to mention which one you do, important is only that it is one of the 50 below
This challenge endures until Sunday the 1st September 12PM European Time (GMT+1)

Like last time, 20 artists that participate will also win a code for a game on Steam for PC. This is NOT a contest, there is no jury that judges the submitted portraits, I am simply giving each game a number, each artist gets a number as well and I use the website to get a random number to determine each artist who gets one of the games.
Games you can win are as example Road Redemption, Earth Defense Force 4.1, Snake Pass, 7 Days to Die, Gloom and many more!
To participate you have to draw a portrait of one of the following video game characters and submit them via
for all info

With that said, happy weekend :-)

Hey RH! 

Actually I did see this contest a couple days ago, was thinkin of Sam Fisher or Zangief, but didn't want to say anything in case I don't make it in time! 
Thank you nonetheless for the invite,
as it's always an honor from such a sensei of videogame fan art as yourself,
it's all the more motivating! 

A good week end to you to! 
Thx a lot! :) 
No problem, I like good art:) I invite you to my gallery:)If you like my work, watch me :)
My guy, your art is amazing!