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clay coffee cup tutorial

somebody ask me to made tutorial with it, so here it is ^_^
more photos in animation, but too fast to be useful: [link]
and final cups (from first makeing): [link]
my facebook page (: [link]
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This actually got me thristy... XD
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it's a mini teacup! awwwww =o.o=
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that is freaking adorable!!!!
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I think this is so cute! It must've took the time to create this cool tutorial. :)
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Let me know what you do ;)
AngelOfMsuic2's avatar
Alright! But I have been busy a lot and I probably may be able to try it out soon during art classes this year.
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Oh wow ! Too cool
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Wow! It must take an incredibly steady hand to make these! I'm seriously impressed!
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thank you a lot! :aww:
appreciate your work and your generosity in sharing.  Thanks
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you're welcome ;)
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Is there a trick to removing clay from the glass ball?
I've tried to make bowls and such with the same technique, but if I try to remove the clay it becomes deformed. : (
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I don't have such a trick. Maybe don't crumple clay to long, only little, so clay stay little hard, not so sticky
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Okay. Thank you! : )
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What is the pencil? Do you add pigment from that as well as the paint?
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it's dry pastel and yes. pastels are better pigments for fimo liquid than acrylic paint
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Amazing! Fell in love with it immediately. I'm soooooooo gonna use this tutorial soon :blowkiss:
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thanks a lot! send me what you make (:
An easy way of making cups, i'll have to try that
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oh nice! thank you.
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