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Her Ballad: Event Horizon


Sequel to Her Ballad: Moonlit Garden. They’re a pair meant to be put together.

Her Ballad: Moonlit Garden by Cigitia

“To see what you’ve been through…
And all the ways
That make me proud of
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Amazing both pics and stained-glass-windows no less. I'm going to pick up my jaw from the floor now. Are you planning to do entire song in this style?
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Ah, no, this is just a diptych—one for a past, one for a future. Doing more would break both the visual and conceptual symmetry!

But, gosh, thank you for looking, and for the lovely comment! The song really was a treasure.
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Oo-hoooo Dayum... That... is absolutely one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. literally, this is miraculously amazing! I can feel the emotion in this picture, it captures me. You sir, are surely one of the greatest I have seen. bravo, just, bravo... ;w;
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Oh wow, gosh, that’s so kind of you to say—thank you a lot! ^_^
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Beautiful.  Love the detail!  :+fav:
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Your Welcome.  :)
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It really is one of a kind.
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Simply marvelous :D Always great pieces from you ;)
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Gosh, thanks, Pumpkinhead. ^_^
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Nothing to thank ;) Always doing an excellent job, you :D
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Aww this is so sweet and beautiful! I love it
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Ah, gosh, thank you. ^_^
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It's Ok but with out wings is better for twilight.
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Thank you for looking.
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your welcome. In my Opinion Wingless Twilight is the best twilight.
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Beautiful piece.

I like how Twilight's mane is sparkly. :meow:
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Thank you—!
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This is so beautiful *o*
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