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Kind heart is a garden

Kind thoughts are the roots
Kind words are the blossoms
Kind deeds are the fruits.

~19th century rhyme used in primary schools.

I drew her sometime ago but hesitated to upload.
Well, you might as well enjoy her as I'll work on your commissions.
I just HAD to do some canon. Oh and since Angel is always such a bitch to her I made him all cute for a change.

Fluttershy belongs to Lauren Faust, Hasbro Inc., and DMX Media
Artwork © CigarsCigarettes
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© 2014 - 2021 CigarsCigarettes
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JohnlockedDancer's avatar
Beautiful and cute!
Saimain's avatar
She is lovely! :heart:
MarionM's avatar
Just to lovely for words. You did a beautiful piece here!Heart Love 
Makenshi179's avatar
Wow!! Such a beautiful Fluttershy! I'm normally not into this way of depicting ponies, but as a big art appreciator I've got to bow down here, this is just utterly beautiful and amazing. I'm definitely adding it to my MLP folder :D
And all those flowers!! Love it so much!
CigarsCigarettes's avatar
Thank you! It's always very nice for me to hear that people who are more into the newly designed ponies appreciate my take on them, inspired more by the previous generations.
Queen-KittyKat's avatar
Oh my god, she looks so amazing and elegant <33333
Face, hair the flowers, everything is so gorgeous HeartoHeart  
You did a really great job!! ^^
cowmaiden's avatar
Fluttershy iz best ponee.
icebubbles18's avatar
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
Aww. I always thought out of all the mane 6, Fluttershy is the best looking realistically proportioned compared to show proportions.
CigarsCigarettes's avatar
:D I'm planning to do Luna/Celestia next...but I still haven't figured out how to deal with them, knowing that in the show they're taller and, well, more horse-like, yet my take on the regular ponies alone reminds of a horse XD So yeah, will have to find the golden solution for that.
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
You may be able to exaggerate the proportions without making them unrealistic. 
There are some breeds and builds that have more "horse-like" qualities than 
others. Man I can't figure out how to word that for the life of me.
StaciNadia's avatar
Gorgeous and elegant!  I adore her mane and wings!
CigarsCigarettes's avatar
Thank you kindly^^ The wings sure were fun for me to work with ^^
JackVolt's avatar
I love you for this... deal with it!Hug Tomoya Okazaki (Laughing Hard) [V1] 
CigarsCigarettes's avatar
hohohh :D yeees, love me LOVEME :dummy:
FriendshipIsMetal777's avatar
I don't know what's more impressive--how awesomely you drew Fluttershy here or the fact that you actually managed to make Angel look like a kind and caring friend!
CigarsCigarettes's avatar
hahaha well thank you very much ^^
Angel sure bugs the hell outta me in the show. Even if real bunnies tend to be quite rude when they want to, they at least look cute...Angel on the other hand always has this grumpy face, me not likey :<
WhiteSpades's avatar
aaa Flutters wyglada tutaj taaaaaaaak slodko! i znow ciut insza mordka niz zazwyczaj rysujesz XD ale za to pasuje do niej :D
CigarsCigarettes's avatar
danke;) co do samej mordki...przyznam, że ta Flutters jest z jakiegoś, teraz już starego, szkicu. Chyba próbowałam wtedy nakreślić jakoś bardziej te japy i w którą stronę iść.
No cóż, do teraz to ciągle ewoluuje ;D
WhiteSpades's avatar
Oh, wszystko wyjasnia dlaczego jest taka inna XD oby dalej ewoluowalo bo wtedy miszczem bedziesz XD
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
I would love to get this for valentines day.
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