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I'm gonna make you PO-PU-LAR!

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If there's a Pony who knows all about becoming popular it's your girl Rarity.
AJ doesn't seem to enjoy it though, looks like she was forced to.
Rarity on the other hand looks like she's got a plan for the farm pony.

I know there's a lot of stuff around about Rarity giving AJ a makeover,
but I wanted to try it myself, and since it was lingering in my folder
for quite some time - why not?
I'll post the result of this makeover soon ;)

Enjoy some canon ponies, and while you do
listen to this…
This song was practically made for this situation♥

:iconwtfiswrongwithuplz:go see the result here…
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Man I love the music from Wicked and I can totally see this happening and Applejack just not at all tolerating it
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If one of this two were a male, I would ship them really hard.
(just to point out, I do not have anything against homosexual ships, I'm just not fond of them - yet. Everybody has their point of view, preference and, of course orientation.)
Besides that, you are an amazing artist, and I love the way you put AJ's emotions in this one - the bored look, half closed lids that makes her somewhat sleepy. Of course, Rarity is as fabulous as ever, charming as one could be with those fabulous curls and curves. But, as one said previously, you could sell this for a fair prices and probably making a fortune in the end. Keep going! :)
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I totally understand your point and of course respect your opinion :)
Although I never intended this to be a "shipping" image, no romantic feelings need to be involved in giving someone a makeover really (quite a forcefull makover as we can see XD)
But I'm glad you stated that, I know how people might feel about my pieces that are more on the shipping side. Though if it's mild and still pleases the eye, I'm glad you enjoy.

Anyway, thank you so much for the praise ♥ It always makes me feel really nice deep inside when you people say such nice things, and let's be honest, who wouldn't enjoy making a little profit off of their works :) I hope someday that could become a reality, it would help me out a bit as well. Let's see progress in 2015!

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This is so amazing ;u; I love this piece just eeee! This is one of my favorite songs and Rarity and AJ are my favorite ponies, it's just perfect <3 <3
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Poor AJ looks so dismayed.
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You made me have it stuck in my head :iconapplejackrageplz:
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Wow! You truly are brilliant with your work. You would definitely make it into selling these for high prices if you want to, but excellent work!
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Thank you very much, hearing something like that really means a lot and I appreciate it♥
Perhaps I'll go with the idea of selling my stuff in the near future;)
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OMG Wicked reference. I imagine Twilight being in the place of Applejack, though, I don't know.
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Well Twilight would fit more in the terms of also being a magical creature, but I think she'd be more willing for a makover than Applejack, and I just saw AJ and Elpheba similar in their obstinacy to any makeup ^^
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Well, Elphaba was never against makeup, per say. She just thinks it isn't important compared to learning to control her magic and studying, mush like Twilight.
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I don't remember her being against or not but anyway, I wasn't trying to draw a scene to that part of the musical, the song just came to my mind while I was drawing it since Rarity pretty much looks like she could start singing it along the way. To Twilight, AJ or even Rainbow Dash.
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When you put it like that, it makes more sense. Either one could work.
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I love he expression of AJ, and Rarity seems like she basically strapped down AJ, and made her sit still,it's so good!
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Hahaha I'm pretty sure Rarity has the power to do that to ponies in order to make them fab! AJ is no challange for her ultra fashionista style skills XD
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Yeah, well... I bet your right
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I love seeing these.
Rarity giving AJ a makeover is something I always find so cute.
And you didn't disappoint, their expressions are great, and I love just how much is going on in this.

Great work.
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Wow thank you :D Indeed when Rarity goes big she goes big! (I know, I stole that line from the previous ep, but let's face it, she can do what other's can't ;) )
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Did she lose a bet or perhaps she decided to run for mayor since having a mayor named Mare was ridiculous and AJ is already a pillar of the community?
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hahah, I think she lost a bet, but after all the ponies see her  all pimped up, they'll make her mayor ASAP :D
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Ponies + Broadway musicals... Oh my god... this has to happen...

Wait- I think they already did. It was called "Magical Mystery Cure" XD 

But in all seriousness, this is great. I like how the ribbon and AJ's tail "break the box"
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hahah XD hey that's right! 'MMC' really did have that musical feel to it.
Y' that I think about it 'One Short Day' from Wicked would fit quite nice to that episode when the CMC sneak onto the train to see the Crystal Empire.
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