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Hell to Your Doorstep

Ok. Last one today and I'm off to  sleep before that fever kills me.

I had to finish this one though. A few days ago I discovered this video…
made by Assassin-or-Shadow (I know, I've been living under a rock my whole life) and I couldn't get it out of my system.

The whole idea is just so great and I have a raging fangirl boner right now.

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I know this is so incredibly old, but do you mind if I use this as a cover for a Fimfiction adaptation of the story I'm doing?

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Hey, sorry for the late response. Sure, I guess. As long as the credits for the cover are on the first page (as in any normal book) and your story does not consist any hurtful, misoginistic, sexist, homophobic or otherwise wrongful content and, in general, is written with taste.

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Thank you so much I appreciate having your blessing and being able to use your amazing art. I promise that I will credit you on the main page with the link readily available and that i will write it with the best of my abilities to the spirit of the original novel. With a few updates to modern values.

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This would be a perfect book cover for the pony version of the story that set the standard for revenge. The conspirators running away from the very same stallion they unlawfully drove into prison who now looms over them with nothing but wicked justice on his mind. And Shycedes, the damsel at the center of it all gazing up at the seemingly heartless Count who she knows is still the kind sailor somewhere inside while shedding a tear at the cruelty he displays as she fears that kind sailor may not be there after all.
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Ive heard of that song.
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Now that was absolutely amazing.
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Why Twilight looks like a burrel?
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Hell to your Doorstep!

Friggin' awesome. :D
I'm not sure, but I think Twilight, Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy are a tad scared.
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Hmmm...y'know what, I think you might be onto somethin'... hmmm HAV - Friedrich Nietzsche 
That, and I'm fairly certain that Rainbow Dash is not too happy with them.
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I know right!? they're amazing!
But this artwork, man, you've blown me away! I really love your style, and the atmosphere in this is just so brilliant!
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Awesome! May I use this in a video? I'll give you full credit and a link in the description! :D
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"It's a place without any mercy, fashioned in cold blood. Stones of fear and stones of doubt. No forgiveness, no way out. Only justice. Then, amen!"
~Edmund Dashie 
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Oh wow, I had no idea what was going on here until I saw the video, and I really love how you made Rainbow Dash look just as masculine as she was in the video. :D Fluttershy's still her sweet, feminine self, and the others are wearing the perfect clothing to match their personalities while matching the movie's theme. You did an amazing job too on their facial expressions, from terror to fear and deviant anger, it's a wonderful change seeing you put this much work into faces and their angles~
Beautiful work on the lighting and shading as always, and I really love how you captured the illusion of there being a floor for the five to run on without there literally being one. :D
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This is great and impressive! No one will escape from Dashie's revenge)
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Aren't you planning to draw another art, based on "I will be there" or any other chapter? It should be great for sure.
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Thank you. I really appreciate that♥

I actually though about that, for now I only made one to one other crossover made by them (pinkie pie / dr Jekyll & mr Hyde), as for the Monte Cristo crossovers I really liked "A story told" I might one day work on that. 'I will be there' is a very beautiful song, ideal for artwork, but it still needs to grow on me a bit.

With the ones I've done I just felt the sudden rush of emotions and an urge close to "if I don't draw it all right now, I won't make it through the next couple of days", so I guess in my case, working up on such strong emotions gives the best results. Hahah maybe right now I'm in a more angsty mood than a romantic one.
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I really liked "A story told" I might one day work on that.
Would be great as well to watch it.

> working up on such strong emotions gives the best results. Hahah maybe right now I'm in a more angsty mood than a romantic one.
You have to suffer for arts, they say (not quite sure about correctness of translation).
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Suffer for art...Yes, I know what you mean. And in fact, these pony drawings are just a funny passtime for me, but so many great artwork out there, and even my private ones that I personally consider as my best stuff, come from great emotions. Nothing made half-heartedly ever comes close to an artwork you put your soul in. I believe.
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