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Fancy Applebucker

Alright it's the last one before I go full commission mode again.

It's the result of the previous makeover AJ had to endure...
I'm gonna make you PO-PU-LAR! by CigarsCigarettes
Not too over the top, but I guess Rarity took into account
that a farmer pony wouldn't feel too good in a frilly dress-up.
Applejack is trying to keep her cool but I guess she feels weird nonetheless...

Wingboner Swag Stamp by harvestcheddar

That bg looks more Fluttershy-ish but I guess it has to do for now.
Alright...back to work.
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BirdCocktailiAlicorn's avatar
can i make base from this photo?
sayonaraShrimp's avatar
she's so beautiful :,)
toxicgreenrainbow's avatar
OMG *Jaw drops* Amazing  work!!
Revenir-Ghoul's avatar
Oh my, I LOVE IT! >W<
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Makenshi179's avatar
Wooow... Her mane and tail... SO beautiful. And her expression, too... Marvellous artwork, and tribute to Applejack!! ^^ You're awesome for drawing such amazing things! :D
CigarsCigarettes's avatar
Thank you very much for all the praises ^^ For a long time this was my personal favourite. I'm a little addicted to draw such detailes.
Doux-Berry's avatar
Could I make this design into a custom? >3>
CigarsCigarettes's avatar
Nope. But thanks for asking.
TheChaiHippie's avatar
sooooooooo cute!!!
WolfPine7's avatar
Applejack! What has Rarity done to you!? XD
Axel-Vampire's avatar
Shadeila's avatar
Beautiful~! Party Hard! 
Nina14363's avatar
She looks soooooooooooooo Pretteh with the colours braided in her hair..and those flowers does  fits her so much~
outlaw-hoshi's avatar
Jeepers, these are utter eye candy, in regards to all the luscious color and the style.. wow.
Lolliangel00's avatar
En-Seta's avatar
Please tell me you have speed paint videos availableI think I've fainted. 
CigarsCigarettes's avatar
Ooooww sorry hun, I'm afraid I don't ^^;
Actually I never thought about making one, I might consider it though.
En-Seta's avatar
Please do, I recently bought a pen tablet and I've been picking up on other's techniques from watching speed paints. And your art is so amazing, I would love to see how you put your art together!
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