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Before I got my wings



I wanted to do Twilight befor the Wings happen (the Alicorn version is yet to come, don't worry)

Twilight ends my Mane Six for now. I'll give them a little rest and will be moving on to other characters such as Celestia, Luna, some bg ponies and so on...Which one would you like to see next? *v*
There's just so many I can't decide...Or maybe a group piece would be better? Argh, so many choices!

Also, long hairy fetlocks because I kinda portray smart, well read ponies (ok, her in particular) with them. I think Starswirl the bearded
would also rock on with longer ones :la:

*ups...will fix that nasty upper coloring crash in the morning* FIXED
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As a my little pony fan I love this.

This is how twilight sparkle should look like in my opinion. Well done^_^