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Fairy Tree

Trying new things!  Redraw of a sketch I did when I was a kid and had better imagination!  Wink/Razz 

Drawn in Adobe Photoshop CC.

**This is available as a digital download and/or a print.  You will receive the full sized image for the digital download.**

Please do not reproduce, copy, edit, publish or upload without my written permission.  Thank you!
You may use it as a wallpaper for personal use.  

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© 2020 - 2021 CierinBlue
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Out of this world!!!

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Thank you, glad you like it! =D

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Of course, if you see my artwork, you will discover a very real fan of Disney fairies

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Wish I knew how to manipulate colors like that (, wish I knew how to use colors actually), but this is pretty cool Op. Made me smile when I first saw it.

CierinBlue's avatar

Aww thank you, I am very happy I was able to make you smile upon seeing it! =) And don't worry, with practice you'll be able to use colors more flexibly. I'm still in the process of mastering color so I also have a lot to learn!

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This is very interesting to look at

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Thank you, it's like a little world of its own =D

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Lovely sketch! It reminds me of concept art. The only thing I wish were here was an actual fairy!

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Haha not sure what kid me had in mind. I just assumed it was meant for fairies LOL

warlorddracula's avatar

Looking awesome 😊👍

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Glad you like it. Thanks for your continued support!! =D

Silya-Art's avatar

hello Galadriel are you there?!

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If you look hard enough, she'll appear! :D ;P

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Dang I wanna live there 😍
CierinBlue's avatar

Every day you would wake up with a lovely view of the forest =)

YummSpicyWater's avatar
Excellent 😍😍
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Awwwh super pretty

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