ok lmao so tell me how this makes sense right
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so my grandma has this annoying ass friend who is a republican all of a sudden and is supporting donald trump lmfao, anyways that's besides the point. every time she comes over, it always leads to political shit and tbh she's just so fucking stupid lmao and now she's like...brainwashing my mom and gma and just....wow. i am actually kind of v upset about the comment she made today bc it just proves that she's pulling shit out of her ass and she's a complete fucking moron lol. she literally said that the US needs to stop helping other countries and worry about itself. like omg bitch, oh my god. yes let's stop helping other countries so that they all fuckinG HATE US which is what's going to happen if the US decides to all of a sudden just be a major dick and stop loaning shit to other countries like ???? and so that when we need help we don't get any bc we didn't help anyone else so nobody will help the US. like yes ok great idea ur so right bc it's not like the entire world depends on borrowing money right/???? and we should totally ignore other countries that need help bc fuck them rite, who cares about oTHER LIVING SPECIMENS BUT OK?? OBVIOUSLY NOT MY GRANDMA'S FRIEND.

god i just....lmao...rly
she's gonna vote for trump
and she thinks none of us should have free healthcare
and thinks immigrants should be sent back to where they came from but lIKE BITCH UR ASS IS GONNA GET SENT BACK TO EGYPT THEN, DAFUQ ???


also i dont mean to shit on republicans but lesbehonest ur candidates kinda rly suck this time like wow u guys have donald trump i'm so sorry

i hate p much my entire family now bc they're so goddamn stupid lmao my grandma literally said she's not going to vote for bernie sanders bc he is too old like hoW IS THAT A RELEVANT ARGUMENT??

ok now i'm done, i just had to get that out thanks i dont really care if u dont agree with what i said in this journal i just needed to rant sorry not sorry

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also, sanders is literally only 5 years older than trump, so the age thing is such bullshit 
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CieloCadonoHobbyist Digital Artist
5 years 2 old
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what a geezer lol

side note Nelson Mandela was elected at 75, just wanna point that out to the age haters. 
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So I'm a republican but I totally get what your saying. I freaking hate Donald Trump, and I am pretty ashamed he's doing so well in the polls. He's just a shallow little school girl trying to get attention, he has no idea how to run a country and be civil to others. Like all he does is crap on people who don't like him and point out his idiotic tendencies. He's not even a real Republican, he has shown many times that he doesn't have a firm stance in his political party. And there's so many other better republican candidates getting overshadowed by him ughhh
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My grandpa badgered me into registering. e-e so I get to vote on March 1st....
//has no idea of the candidates
//picks "C" choice for all of them
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in your case i would definitely look into the policies the candidates support in regards to military stuff and veteran support.
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"Bernie Sanders is too old for me to vote for him." - Cielo's Grandmother 2016; Rated Most Ironic Political Statement of the Century
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