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Colossa Pica with Size Control

By cidnick
The same game as before, only with a bonus size control feature that lets you change Pica's size from 1x to 100x her height.

Also here is a new hut design replacing the original round hut. It's a little different in style and is the only other change in this demonstration.

It's a step toward what will be done in the sequel to Pica's first game. Imagine as Pica terrorizes entire villages and tribes at tens of times her original size!
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© 2007 - 2021 cidnick
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Just aquestio where I need to put password for bonuses?
Thanks in advance.
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Check the download, they do special images/scenes that he drew. The content is there when you download it.
where do bonus codes go?
Tzertz's avatar
b c and s are controls i think
Tzertz's avatar
Tzertz's avatar
what do the passwords do?
Tzertz's avatar
also how doo i get the sizes?
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heavy pressure doesn't work
Anyone have a copy of the pdf to share? would be greatly appreciated :)
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how do i access the bounses after unlcoking them?
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you should make a gam ith a girl wich travels to an other dimmension and there she finds crystals wich make her huge(and sexier)and she decides to have fun collecting crystals and killing people
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add a password bar to the game
haruau's avatar
notify me when your done with the game
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AAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++ i would love this game Colossa Pica with Size Control .at the club
haruau's avatar
and thier will be achivments(any thing you can think of)
haruau's avatar
it will be side schrolling as well
haruau's avatar
(no dounload) smash citys instead of villages and from the street level too(optional) and you can get upgrades (any thing you can think of) her powers are:
(all powers are upgradeable)

milk: fired from her brests covers everything in frount of you on screen(can fill up the level with it)

poop:fired from her butt covers everything below you(same as milk)

pee:same thing as before like milk

brup and fart: same as before

the screen shakes and you walk and you can jump

the very last level is a volcano is where you get the last power:lava there are lava citys which unlocks free mode the lava comes out of every part of her body.(same money thing as beforeand you can take her cloths off and on)
Yes, how do you use passwords on this since megaupload has been shut down.. can you just send me the zip that it was on please and thank you
PDF is removed. What now for bonuses?
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