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Ink and watercolour.
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Is that supposed to be the undertaker from that youtube video?
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I have no idea what you are talking about, so I guess the answer is no.
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Oh, it is this character from a creepy video that is kinda' like the grim reaper and your character looks surprisingly like him.
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The backwater gospel?
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Kssssssszsssshhhhhhh Zzzzt ksssh SCREEEZZSSST
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Sometimes I really feel like doing this. Except that the electrical buzz couldn't be good for you...and the crows don't really seem to want him there.
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wow! Saw this on this. Very original and fun.
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I love this pic! Very interesting!
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Hohooo! This reminds me about my original character. :giggle: he is grow demon and mine birdman. xDD This is beautiful and colours are full of ambiance. <33
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I love this madly.
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Love the guy XDDD
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Such an enchanting and wonderful concept :D
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Looks like fun times c:
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Oh, how lovely! What an entertaining idea~
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awesome! =)
who is that?
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Excellent! The large amount of sky at the bottom definitely adds to the feeling of "suspension."
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Awesome. I like how that crow is looking at him.
"What the cobble are you doing up here?"
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