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The man, who fell in love with the moon...

I do constantly fall in love with things I can't get. Perfection beeing one of them...

Ink and watercolour.
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This work is superb... I loved it! Can I use it on my blog, please?
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 I am sorry for the late reply, but I don't visit here very often anymore. If you are still interested in using the picture, then you have my permission to do so, but please do put up a link to my deviantart gallery.
Thank you and best wishes,
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Thank you so much... it is already there (with the link to your deviantart gallery) :-)

Best wishes, 

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it's so beautiful
amazing work :)
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rospberry General Artist
This is stunning!
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this piece has been featured here [link]
thank you for creating it. :hug:
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Thank you :)
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great job! :aww:
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:+fav: Sehr gut! :)
Your "retro-style" is great... and gooses so adorable. :clap:
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If DeviantArt would be working right now, you would get a heart balloon Moody, but in any case, its a +fav. :3
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I love the way you describe your artwork. The title, the colors, pose, and expressions captured my attention throughout this piece. Very beautiful work.
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oh my gosh, i love everything about this.
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Such a wondrous concept...
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Tonks07Hobbyist Photographer
cute and beautiful. :heart:
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All of your pieces are just stunning, they remind me very much of the books I used to read as a child. Beautiful! :hug:
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ther is some incredibley lovely feel to this peice, despite its futility.....^;^
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This guy is such a good balancer he should hang out with the guy... err or marlene dietrich... sitting on the telephone wire :)

VERY nice and I like how you have the water color bleeding in the background.
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iedkos General Artist
So awesome story and concept in this draw.

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FaerieShadowsProfessional Traditional Artist
well i think you're pretty darn close..

great piece
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*giggle* gorgeous idea. ;)
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MissGriff Photographer
This is so sweet!
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Isynia-ArtessaProfessional Digital Artist
excellent exectution of the concept. Great job handling the night time scene as well.
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antlercat-anonProfessional Traditional Artist
wow, what a beautiful piece.
very sweet & dreamy...
i think i am in love with the moon too!
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so much meaning.

and difficult for me to see where you fail to reach perfection, at least in your artwork :)
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