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Devil may cry wallpaper

So, yeah. I was searching for.... I forget what... and this idea hit me!!! These are pictures of Dante from Devel may cry 1, then 2, then 3 then, finally, 4.

Dante and Devel may cry 1-4 (c) Capcom
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lol u two guys have hilarious avatars. anyways, nice picture you got there. DMC kicks so much ass, that it's ridiculous.
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Unfortunately, I never got to finish any of the games, but I loved them while I was playing! :D
Great idea!
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:D First comment i got about this one. Thanks :D

By the way, how come your never on the mush any more :<
kathlaidaprincess's avatar
No problem at all! ^^

Not enough time in the internet ^^; But I've installed the MUSH on my laptop, so I NEED to go there more often... I miss our RPs...
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Same here :( Cant wait till ya come on again :D
kathlaidaprincess's avatar
Well, everything's set on my laptop, I've gone through all the new stuff at the +bboard and I think I'm ready to restart! Expect to find Liberty and let me know when you are there! :)
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Well, i cant really tell you when im on cause im on at a random times, so... Yeaaaahhhh... lol.
kathlaidaprincess's avatar
Well, then we're bound to meet some time xD
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