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The Meek - Queen Amakessar Concept

After a three year hiatus, "The Meek" resumed its updates. So happy!:D

I really liked the comic when I found it and I was sad that it apparently was killed off for good... Until now.

While I'm still struggling to get my own comic series updated, I made these sketches to get some enthusiasm to do my "work".

This is Queen Symon Amakessar from "The Meek". She is the current ruler of Caris, which in the past organized the genocide of the Pasori people (which was first enslaved to build Caris' massive structures, mind you), now unified in the Eight Northern Territories ruled by Emperor Luca deSadar. Queen Amakessar refuses to punish anyone, compensate or take ANY responsibility for the genocide, claiming since it was all her father's doing, everything was automically erased by his death and the Caris State is not accountable. Obviously, Luca isn't happy about it.

Queen Amakessar didn't appeared yet in the comic proper, so these are purely speculative sketches.

I based her face and maneirisms partially in Earth Queen Hou-Ting from The Legend of Korra and the Egyptian royals from The Prince of Egypt. I expect Queen Amakessar to be nice and reasonable, a person with that unerving patience and light... At first. The mask of niceness and cold-blood makes a much more interesting villain than the blatantly obvious, cranky, petty and superficial Earth Queen.

Since Caris people are mostly blond, lean, and blue eyed, I still gave her a more grave and stern appearence than expected from a "nice" person. And because I don't like blonds.

The world of "The Meek" uses the "Era/Dynasty system" used by the Chinese and Japanese monarchies. Instead of their given names, monarchs are referred by their dynasty name and given a regnal number to tell them apart. Ex: "Amakessar IV, the fourth ruler of the Amakessar Dynasty".

"The Meek", its universe and all characters :iconshingworks:
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