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Resident Evil 2 with Zootopia Parody

Having fun with this. Resident evil 2 remake is a great game. just what if zootopia has a same kind of Umbrella corp
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Flash isn't a zombie he's just always slow!!

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Oh God.... PLEASE say Gazelle will be all right!

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If you draw Resident Evil 4, don't draw aslhey. She's a burden
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Should their looks be switched?

Nick: Shoot them in the head!

Judy: What?

Nick: Haven't you ever seen a horror movie?

Judy: Too many little kids at home! Besides, Pop-Pop would think they were real!

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I like.......I LIKE!!!

Great Work!

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It was literally not even Officer Nick Wilde's first day with Racoon City Police Department. Sophomore student Judy Hopps literally was only there to see her older brother.

Their lives would never be the same.

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Gotta ask, who drew the picture? It looks great!

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Considering that Little Rodentia exists, a Resident Evil style zombie apocalypse in Zootopia would be nearly 10x more terrifying when you have to take into account zombie hamsters, mice, shrews, etc.

good work with Judy and nick resident evil 2 remake is better then resident evil 3 remake

Feel like you got them mixed up, sorry if it's a frequent comment.
I don’t know why this works, but it really does
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Oh yeah! That´s an amazing idea!!:D

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The rain and raindrops falling onto the characters looks realistic and very cool. All the different zombie species in background looks amazing as well. Facial expressions of characters are amazing and both outfits look just like the RE2 remakes
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This is awesome!

This is FREAKIN' amazing! Love that Zootopia RE combo!

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Wow! This looks well made, good work :D

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Should've put Bogo as Nemesis. There's something just right about Idris Elba lunging a bazooka around while repeating "S.T.A.R.S." over and over.
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