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If God Isn't Real Then Why Is She A Horse

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Hacked this together this a long time ago, but really needed it for an INTERNET ARGUMENT and I couldn't link the image without having it on an image sharing service … so - here we are!

Celestia artwork by the absolutely amazing br0ny.
Text by the hardly amazing and barely phoned it in me.

(for those for whom the spelling thing is not even funny, here is a corrected version:…)
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I forgo my atheist ways!
All praise the One True God, Celestial!
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Wow, I hope you weren't lol-ing this whole time! ^_^
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Wow.  So much heat.  Much spelling anger.  Here's a corrected version for those for whom such things matter:

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PS: Yes, I spelled it wrong on purpose.  Celestia approves.