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Bouncy cupcakes/muffins!
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These are super cute. Would you mind if I used this in a blog post of mine? I would, of course, credit you for your creation.
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could I use this as an icon here on da with my friend ? ofcourse we will write on our profiles the work is done by you 
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This is cute. ^^ Curious, is this a piece that you share/allow as a decor resource on DA? :3
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These are so cute! I was wondering: how do you get the background of the icon to be clear, not white, on Paint?
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Thank you! Unfortunately you can't do it in Paint since Paint doesn't allow you to create transparent backgrounds. You need a program like JASC Animation Shop or Photoshop to create transparent backgrounds.
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Oh, are any of those free for download?
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Neither of those are, but the program GIMP is :] you can probably find it on
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Thanks for letting me know! I'll definitely look into it. :)
deliciousCandles's avatar works too!
and it's free! ^^
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Really awesome work! I love the bright colours and the bouncing animation too :aww:
By the way, I sent you a message on the qbee about trading entries possibly?
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aww this is so cute lol
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