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This is beyond beautiful! You catch Luna's image perfectly. The design just melts my heart because of the sheer beauty in it. I could l...

Oh my god spot on. Thank you for bringing the whole "bullies abuse bullies thing." What disgusts me about the human race is that they b...

I love this drawing. Every inch of it and every detail speaks wonders for us art lovers. To think that this actually came from ms paint...


next generation/ Sugar Pie
Sugar Pie is the only daughter of Big Macintosh and Fluttershy as both of them mostly had sons.  She was born with dyslexia and impaired speech which made it rather difficult for her to make friends in the beginning. At first, she was not interested in going to school due to the fear of isolation and bullying, and Fluttershy agreed with the choice not to send her to school, but Big Mac assured both of them that Cheerilee would take good care of her because he fully trusts his dear friend.  Sugar Pie attended school when she became comfortable enough and made herself the poster child of challenged children. Despite her poor speech and reading, she performed well at school and discovered her talent during a school bakery in which she won first place for her tea cakes. Sugar Pie however, was not above cracking under pressure or drowning people out when she wanted to be alone. Her brothers serve as her protectors, but they also aggravate her as well.

Her mane color is a combination of both Mac's coat color and Mrs. Shy's hair color.
She also inherited her red eyes from her grandma. Her pink coat is from Fluttershy's hair, and if you've noticed, the design sorta represents wet maned Applejack :)

Note: Bother me with Sugarmac (like Big Mac loves Sugarbelle not Fluttershy) and I may hide your comment

:) If you don't care for that pairing than this warning isn't for you. Fluttermac fans should appreciate this, I made it for them after all.

Still can't draw ponies but, you know
Always with you
Although my fave is Cheerimac, I have grown to appreciate Fluttermac, especially ever since Sugarbelle came into the picture. I honestly could care less about canon if it was done horribly. Especially if a random ship was just made in the show. Go ahead and tell me that Mac is with Sugarbelle or whatever, cause he's certainly not in this picture that's for sure. I do not care for nor support Sugarmac , that won't stop me from putting Mac with somepony else instead. ;) Also saying not to let canon ruin your ships K?

I'm not really good with backgrounds or drawing ponies but I just have to show my appreciation for a ship I once despised.
Name: Senseon the ninja beast pokemon

Type: fighting/normal

gender: both, this pokemon looks both feminine and masculine it would seem :) note that the males' hair gets longer than the females'.

requirement for evolution: Eevee must level up with high toughness, alternatively, Eevee must defeat a fighting type opponent while holding a choice band.  Close Combat is automatically learned upon evolution

special ability: Super luck or anger point

Habitat: China, cold areas

stats at 100 in party

ATK:  360

SP AT: 221

DEF: 307

SP DEF: 221

SPD:  311

Pokedex: In china, this pokemon lives near mountains,
it is known to be an energetic quick tempered pokemon respected for it's wit and fierceness.

I felt that a dual type eeveelution was best, as I could not think of a fighting type and normal type seperately. Although it doesn't seem like it, Senseon is the eeveelution resembling eevee the most, and sense it is a normal type that cannot evolve further, it can learn moves that Eevee previously could not, namely thunderbolt and ice beam. Senseon was designed to represent that handsome japanese boy you may have known from school known for being distant. 

Senseon's name comes from the japanese word Sensou, which means "war."


No journal entries yet.


Cianna Johnson
United States
Hi, I'm Cianna, but people call me CC as a nickname. I like a lot of things, video games, Disney, anime, horror, animals, sonic, mlp, mario, fairytales, mythology, etc.

I grew up fairly unhappy, because I lived with an emotionally, verbally and sometimes physically abusive grandmother, my grandfather was passive, and my older sister is selfish and bad tempered. My mother is selfish and uncaring, in a way, worse than my grandmother and my father is unknown to me, probably in jail. The only two people who I can say I'm fond of is my younger sister, we are very close, and my uncle, who I can trust completely.

I dropped out of school by the time I reached high school do to my deep hatred of school and the desire to be free. I am currently working with a PayPal so school is now out of the question.

I have a tendency to question everything and I do find it hard to find people who I can say I actually like because much of my life I have met jerks, making me somewhat misanthropic but can you blame me. I'm a non religious person but I am not an atheist, I just don't agree with everything in the bible. The religions I find most interesting are Hinduism and wicca. Wicca especially.

I enjoy drawing, writing, playing, and offering comfort to those who need it. My sexuality, I'd rather not say, I'm not gay though. My favorite Disney/pixar movies are the lion king, Emperor's new groove, toy story, Zootopia, and the incredibles. My favorite anime shows are Naruto, My hero academia, One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, Ouran high school host club, black butler. My favorite creepypasta are ritual pastas, something sweet to bite, tale of the lost narrator, Origins of laughing Jack, no end house, the rake, Russian sleep experiment, smile dog etc.

There's more to me I'd rather not say right now, once you get to know me, I'm easy to get along with :)


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