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Saw Rango and, putting aside the numerous unfinished pieces I have, decided to give Rattlesnake Jake some quick fanart.

The movie was really entertaining; if you were thinking about seeing it, I recommend it. The directing, voice acting, animation and CHARACTER DESIGN were all excellent. I love the Western genre, so my praise might have some excess ebullience, but most of the professional critics seem to like it too.

Back to the character design--it totally brought this movie to life. I've never seen a better blend of realism and anthropomorphism. If you're familiar with the wildlife of the Mojave desert, you'll recognize most of the species. From the entirely odd phrases uttered by some of the characters to their strange visual quirks (a bird with an arrow through its eye: "it's conjunctivitis"), the cast was a colorful bunch. And my favorite was probably Rattlesnake Jake, an intimidating Western Diamondback gunslinger with Lee Van Cleef overtones and a GATLING GUN AS A RATTLER. How awesome is that?
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Definitely the most badass Snake I have ever seen :D