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All righty ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t think this situation would come to this, but after seeing yet again, a certain someone stealing my ideas once again, I had no choice but to make this exposure journal. 

For those that don’t know me, I’m Selestia72. I was on DA for years, I believe since 2011 or 2012. I had 2 other accounts; Nightlend75 and SelestiaSP over the years, but deactivated them due to...reasons. So I came back as Selestia72 for a bit longer, and to start anew. 

In 2015, I met a guy, :iconkrph-tv10: and no lie, we were friends….or so I thought. This man, in a way, was “in love” with me, had a crush, but being 15 at the time and naive, I didn’t’s in his 30s. There were times where I did tell him that I was no longer gonna be his friend due to doing some bad stuff back then. Reason why was because he was actually giving my friends here on DA some shit, and even giving threats. The third and last time was actually my friends telling me what was really going on back when I was 15 and what happened between Erwin and I. I’m 18 now and after realizing my actions, I do regret not knowing better back then. So, back in July, if I recall...I couldn’t take it anymore, because I didn’t even notice that he never credited me for using my art style. Now, back when I was on my SelestiaSP account, I posted up a small art tutorial of how I drew my art, and I did put in the description that make sure to credit me for using my art style. Turned out :iconkrph-tv10: never did such….

That was my final straw and since I felt like I was no longer safe to put my art on Deviantart, I posted my last message to Kaiser, stored the art away and deactivated the account. I ran away to Discord to post my art and felt so relieved and happy there. I do thank those that helped open my eyes to seeing who Kaiser really is; an obsessive, stealing, little bitch. The following screenshots, that are provided by my lovely :iconcia-boy: , :iconflip-reaper-z: , and I, will show how obsessive he really was with me since I’ve left Deviantart AND taking my characters like Selestia and her father Derek, and taking ideas out of Selestia. Example: Her scars, demons, and the full name!…

Now, as you can see in some of the screenshots, he was supposed to leave DA, only because I left for good; However, that was not the case. His fans have convinced him to stay, but has made nothing but “depressed” posts since my leave, and talking shit about my boyfriend since he was mainly the one to have helped me see through the disguise..PLUS THREATENING ME to come back to his whining ass. But since I will no longer be fooled by his bs, I didn’t do nothing but speak with him on Discord with :iconcia-boy:. We did luckily win the argument and after countless times of telling him that I never liked him as a boyfriend, he gave in...or so we thought. 

He then soon starts going into a roller coaster, meaning that he would post some shit about me, and some, just desparately crying my name, wanting me to come back. Then he starts posting his own fantasies of how he wants it to happen, but guess what, reality is mostly not a fairytale! You should know that I will never come back to you, you know what you did Erwin, and that can’t be forgiven. YOU were the one to hurt me and make me fall down to your bullshit, since you were too much of a pussy to do your own dumb fuckery. Then, there are the times where he talks shit about me, with a person or two joining in on the gossip. 

Moving on, sorry about that but I will be letting out my temper a few times as I type. 

Taking my character(s), and using them for his “roleplay”. In the screenshots of the roleplaying journals, D is actually Selestia’s father, Derek, and Defiled Sun is an idea stolen from me with Selestia’s demon form, Corrupted Moon. He had also stolen the idea that Selestia has 4 demons in her, putting it into Elvin and “having 6 demons”. The “x” scar on her chest, Elvin has a scar on his chest too. Selestia is part wolf, all of a sudden, he makes his “Power Ranger” crew have animal traits as well. Like come on dude, you wouldn’t have came up with the idea like at all…..YOU EVEN STOLE MY OC NAME. Bastard only took out like a letter or two and kept the fucking last name. Making a ripoff version of Selestia Aguierla, naming her Selina Aguierla. Now I did tell him to delete EVERYTHING of my charater Selestia, but turns out he didn’t exactly do that. He still has the video of me voicing Selestia years go. So Kaiser, delete that video or we will have more probelms.


Now he was supposed to do his Uber series, but never did.  

Now for the remaining screenshots, those are his other accounts where, like other pedos, draws children in their underwear. Basically into child pornography.Now this one is rules about NSFW, clearly stating that NO CHILDREN in the NSFW at all.

Time has passed since he posted his soap opera….then one day, my friend :iconflip-reaper-z: sent the following screenshots on his Phone Destroyer app.

Turns out that Kaiser has returned to come and talk shit to my friends again, AND steal my friend :iconflyingprincess: name of her OC. Soon, self advertising about his little “Power Ranger”  series with his ocs...Uber something….Don’t know anymore. But if this man thinks he can come back and try to give shit to MY friends? Buddy, you’d be dead ass wrong. 

So, what am I telling you people about Kaiser? You need to not fall for his victim card and believe his lies. Why? Look at me, I’ve suffered through something I didn’t even know that he was bad news in the first place. Plus threatening, shit talking, and taking people's ocs, just by this evidence, this should be convincing enough for you all to see his true colors. Do I admit that the roleplays and his OWN art (not the style he copied from me) were fun and cool? Yes, I do admit it. But, after seeing through Erwin’s bullshit, I don’t regret leaving him. I am proud of leaving him and I could have never been more relieved and free from his shackles. 

Again, I wanna thank my boyfriend and my other REAL friends, for saving me from more disaster. Please don’t be like me and fall for his lies….Be smart and think about who you’re dealing, or gonna deal with. You will never know if that friend is actually the enemy. 

Updates will be added later!

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This guy seems really stunted emotionally, and possibly mentally as well by how they come off. Even the creepy fascination of cartoon children in underwear comes off as them being developmentally delayed in some way. Not an excuse for their behaviour at all, but I keep noticing this particular trend with creeps around their thirties that are into childish things or fandoms that attract a lot of children, usually young ones at that. What exactly is creating all these stunted sad ass creeps that feel the need to bully people half their age?

Also most of these pictures don't expand and are shrunk so you can't really read it.