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Blender3D Abstract Tutorial I

By Ci-Blender
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Explains the method used to create concentric crystals/tentacles using Blender3D's subsurface function. As seen in Compulsion.
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This is awesome! I think the buttons may have changed some...

Anyways I am now in novice stages of messing around thanks to you :D Here's a [link]
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I've always wanted to know how to do these things~!

You are my hero.
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I have literally been looking everywhere for this sort of tutorial. Thank you very much.
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thanks i made this ^_^

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Thanks a lot!
Really great effect that I try to do for a (too) long time!!!
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Exactly what I was looking for, thanks! :+fav:
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Nice tutorial :D
Please go check my tutorials on Blender out... :D
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Thanks a lot man, i'll be using this for a school project!
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really simple techniques ill remind these for sure, thanks so much for this tutorial
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now that i have gootne over my overjoyedness...i would like to say that i am just getting into 3d moddeling, and this will help woderfully!
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Nice job, I pretty much suck at blender and I made something cool.
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Wow, that's great!
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thank you so much! :thanks:
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Hi Dude,
I'm new to blender and searched for such a trutorial :)

But I've a little problem, can't change the mesh into a subsurface curve, there is not such an option in the mesh panel.
Would great if someone could tell me what I have made wrong.
Nevertheless tremendous tutorial!
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ok, found it 8o
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nice job been looking for blender abstract tut :D
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Thanks for the tut ...
It's cool ...

Peace ...
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This looks really good. But, I just downloaded Blender yesterday and am trying out this tutorial at the moment. As of now, I don't know what a "'scale' widget" is. Nothing I've tried is lengthening it like it should. Sooo.... I think I'll leave it alone for a while.
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Scale widget would be the S key I believe. I'd suggest not leaving blender alone too much, as it's interface needs time to grow on you. I'd say grabbing some of the mesh modelling tutorials out on the web would be a place to find the key references.
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Thats really neat :)

Ive got 2 questions:

1- Is Blender3d free?
2- Can you color the object in Blender, or do you have to do it is PS/GIMP, etc.
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1-yes, [link]
2-yes, it's called using materials (or texturing for multiple colors/patterns)
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great tutorial. just what i needed to give some inspiration, thanks
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Absolutely love it.
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