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Blender Modeling: Double-Helix

By Ci-Blender
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Instructions on how to use the DupliFrames tool to create continuous replications of an object, the example here is a double-helix but it can also be used for things like spiral staircases, fans, springs, etc. This tutorial assumes some understanding of the IPO editor.
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Awesome. Thanks !

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This is cool :)
I really want to learn how to use Blender and I think this will help me a lot :thanks:
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Great tutorial - I had attempted this before and can see what settings were wrong
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Hi, thank you for the cool tutorial!
It worked fine, though I had severe problems with the rendering, since the file becomes too big, due to the subsurf levels. To smoothen the surface it is easier to simply click "set smooth".
I will start playing now, making loops and other secondary structures..... [link]
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I'm a newbie, and I'm having trouble on the animating steps. My frames 1 and 11 both read "empty," and nothing seems to happen when I do the curve editor steps, nor is there any movement when I scroll through the frames. Is there some step I'm missing or a possible configuration that's giving me grief?
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Nice, but fyi, the new array modifier can do the same thing, possibly easier ;)
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Very usefull. Added to favs.
This is somewhat easier then duplicating and translating and rotating xD.
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Very informative. :D
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That was a really good tutorial. Easy to follow. I didn't realise DupliFrames could be used for things like this -- it'll be fun experimenting with them.
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