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The summer is gone and those who are not used to skiing and snowboarding actually wonder what to do in the coldest season of the year next to contributing their awesomeness to deviantArt. Crossfire and S2Games offers you the chance to grab one of 20 Beta keys for their new game title "Heroes of Newerth" (HoN).

Heroes of Newerth

About The Game

If you know Warcraft 3 and the map DotA you will figure out what this game is about realy fast: Basically each team is with 5 heroes with different abillities and is trying to push the enemy's base.

Source Files

To particpate it might be useful to go through the official Fan Site Kit. You can find the direct download here.
Also you can have a look on the Online Media from the official website.

How To Grab A Key

How to participate

To participate create a small fan artwork based on the images from the Fansitekit or the Media centre from the HoN website, upload it to deviantArt and add a comment to this newspost with a link to your contributions.

What You Can Win

For now, we offer 20 keys to give-away for the top 20 out of the first 100 works submitted. Every work will be presented in this news post and additionally your deviantArt profile and a link to your deviantArt contribution will be added on Sunday 29th November on with a thumbnail (The full image will not be stolen, it can be found on the dA website only).
In short:
- Your work will join my Heroes of Newerth Collection
- Your work will be presented in this News post
- A thumbnail of your work and your dA profile will be published in an article on


Only one contribution per user is allowed to participate in the raffle. If you want to contribute more than one work we will only take care of your latest submission related to HoN.
No matter what type of deviation: drawings, digital art - basically everything related to HoN is allowed and welcome.

- - Competitive coverage about the game
- Official Website - S2 Games' official website about Heroes of Newerth
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