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Sport event: Flyer and poster

By chzzen
DIN A6 Flyer, 300 dpi, 2 files á ~70 layers
DIN A2 Placat, 300 dpi, ~50 Layers

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Work left
Im now going to develop the community system and the new webdesign for the website, wish me luck ;) Also a video producion including the post production will come up, hope i can stand my own ideas ;)

:D :love: :+fav: :+devwatch: :love: :D

Additional information: Since many complain about the size of the text, one is A6 which is not even half A4 and had to be very small in size with all these information wanted on it by the club and the poster is for the outside on the street, so drivers who pass this must be able to read it. I still hope you can figure it out and understand me for this case :)
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1000x2500px 1.64 MB
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Looks nice. Not really art in the way I like to judge it, but very professional.
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Nice layout design. One nit-picky thing. You should decrese the size of your numbers by half a pt compared to the text size in relation to the 04 and 06. Numbers appear larger than text when they are the same size. =D
chzzen's avatar
thanks for the hint, i might agree on the major text in the flyers, but not for the 04.Juli - 06.Juli in the upper picture, since they are the most important in there ;)
emberleo's avatar
Oh, half a point is barely anything. All it will do is make it look more smooth in that 'sentence'. Graphics 101 baby!
edctpsu's avatar
I don't know much German, but I can see that even if it's a lot of text, a lot of informations on it, you managed to distribute it very well, so it's not confusing at all. I like the football/soccer elements you put, because even from one look to the flyer you can make an idea about the content, so it catches your eye in a second. the samewith that party picture :party: :dance:I hope it will be a great event if it's a real one. :)
ScreamingGerbil's avatar
I can't read German, but those look really nice. The text seems to take over half the picture though :x
Sassafraz's avatar
Although I can't read German it looks very appealing. I really like the first one where the grass is slightly blurred. Are you a graphic designer? =]
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