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March 20, 2012
The Gate by *chvacher
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The Gate

Oil on canvas board. 11 x 14 inches.
To answer questions I have been asked about how long it took to paint this, well it was quite a while ago (2002) and I was doing it on and off, so I'm not totally sure, but I think at least 3 days.
Yes, it's not digital, and not "speed painting" :)
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Lightning-Mover256's avatar
(Sorry for the late reply!)
Goober15's avatar
Powerful tonal effect, great stuff!
Sandhiebel's avatar
incredible works and a great intensity
LacrimaeNivis's avatar
so beautiful painting... Worship  it seems so a peaceful place Floating (yearning)

wish i could paint with good colours again, too... wish i had again some inspiration and enough strength (too many pictures which had been begun, too many only- drawings  Waaaah! )
Hermit9081's avatar
That's really impressive.
NPavusa's avatar
Makes me wish this place was real. Thanks for sharing.
Karinta's avatar
I LOVE the atmospheric lighting.
IS the original for sale? I love love this! cheers
chvacher's avatar
The original has been sold about 10 years ago :)
Winterkeep's avatar
aaaaahhhh it's you who did this painting !! It is in an artbook I have about illustrations. Let me tell you that your art as inspired me alot !
chvacher's avatar
I'm glad. Cheers!
hanroe's avatar
This painting has such a beautiful atmosphere.
Mystic-Oracle's avatar
i don't know what your spiritual beliefs are but when ever i see images like this i know that, who every or what ever it is you call God is showing you a glimpse into a world beyond, so lovely.  
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poppingmouse's avatar
This painting has inspired me ever since I saw it. I have written short stories because of this beautiful piece, i have painted also because of this piece. It is truly the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen. It simply speaks to me in a way I don't understand. It's like it is part of my childhood, it is like it is a soulmate. I'm being a bit dramatic here, but I am moved when I see this. 
chvacher's avatar
Thank you. It is actually one of my most popular pieces, maybe the most. For some reason, it speaks to people in deeper ways, that I can't even explain myself.
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Yes, I wrote a short story about it. For some reason I interpreted it as peacefully reaching death. Your work is incredible, thank you for painting. 
chvacher's avatar
Well, thank you for seeing it :)
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