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The Gunslinger
"You mean you ain't never heard of the Gunslinger?"
The bar was almost dead at this time of night, and the question seemed to echo around the room - emphasising the sudden silence, rather than masking it.
"No, boy, I ain't."
Only a handful of stragglers remained, the dregs of the evening clearing the dregs of their whiskeys. The lights shone dimly, and everything moved lethargically in the warm Texas night.
"Well I'll be. I thought everyone 'round here knew the story of the 'slinger'," said one of the stragglers – a tall, skinny man wearing a pale cowboy hat. A battered guitar rested on his knee.
"I'm new in town."
They sat at the bar - the musician and the newcomer. The guitarist resumed a lazy melody across the treble strings.
"Oh really?" he drawled, fingers sliding slowly over the fretboard. "And how are y'all finding our little patch of dirt?"
"Whiskey's expensive. Women all look like men," the newcomer replied. "Music's terrible," he added, eying up the musician suspiciously
:iconmonstroooo:monstroooo 645 274
Tekken 6 wall Yoshimitsu 1 by nin-er Tekken 6 wall Yoshimitsu 1 :iconnin-er:nin-er 53 3 Yoshimitsu by PVproject Yoshimitsu :iconpvproject:PVproject 179 20
charryblossm contest
Ryko is a young 14-year old samurai boy. But his blades have benn placed in his arms since birth. As a baby two 20 in blade where placed in his uper wrist.He was training on day with a mix of charryblossms and snow all over the ground.He stoped for a short break and noticed a tall man about 26.  He had blond hair with a black part in his face. He wore gloves that went up his arms. Also a black tie. Ear were like a demons and he had a tail. Ryko went and approched the man. He taped him on the sholder and asked "What is your reson for being here?Who are are you samurai? Are you a demon". Frist the man looked at him strange then smiled and said "yes I am. My reson is simple I am a traveler looking to be come a great samurai. My name is haru" "Forgive me roin haru sir, but my master is out and I have been orderd to  guard the timple. Also I am ryko."Ryko replyed. "Well ryko do you know you are under attack by oni" Said haru. "Ah f**k!!" Said ryko. Then ryko poped out bo
:iconsamuriboy:samuriboy 5 18
BLEACH: Gin (I Will change things) Poster by Creative2Bit BLEACH: Gin (I Will change things) Poster :iconcreative2bit:Creative2Bit 3,134 83 .:PSG-D: Gauntlet:. by PMSA .:PSG-D: Gauntlet:. :iconpmsa:PMSA 70 20 Application - Rashar by Yokufo Application - Rashar :iconyokufo:Yokufo 85 45 So, which one do you like? by chirun So, which one do you like? :iconchirun:chirun 3,973 567 Commissh for Seizui by kasai Commissh for Seizui :iconkasai:kasai 1,524 26 Reve Lin [ref] by AngelKite Reve Lin [ref] :iconangelkite:AngelKite 136 29
DP Story: Fight to the Death
Fight to the Death
By quikshadow
Rating: K or K+ either way I'm implying death, graphical scenes and perhaps some cussing. Swearing will be kept down to a minimum...
There will be warnings if anything goes over that level.
The robed figure in front of me glowed with unearthly power. Fear washed over me as his large green eyes glared right through my soul. My ghostly life force started to ebb away. My vision blurred as my ghostly body weighed heavily. Tiredness swept over me and I hit some kind of ground as my sight was filled with the swirling purple sky.
My mind began to loose focus and somehow I knew I was dying. Too tired to fight the cliché flashbacks that flickered before me. My family, my friends and all the people I ever known smiled down on me. Then I saw my late grandmother. She smiled warmly down and reached out with her soft crinkly hand.
I hadn’t seen her since I was a child and had always looked up to her. She was here now
:iconquikshadow:quikshadow 14 197
Demon!RussiaXReader ~ P.1 ~ Forbidden Fruit
Autumn ~1898~
The fruit that grew on the tree was known throughout the land for its magical gift, and that is why it only grew in one place - the Demon’s garden.  
The Demon, that guarded the fruit, was said to be a fallen angel, and before being cast to Earth for his wicked sins that he committed, not only against the Gods, but humans likewise, stole the fruit to tempt those that he would rule over.    
There were tales that if one was to eat the fruit, they would cure any sickness that had befallen them. If the tales, that spread like wildfire across the land, were true, it would only take moments before you would be as spry as a spring chicken.  
There was a problem, as there would be with any sacred fruit that came with such fame.
The Demon refused to let anyone partake in the special fruit, unless they could barter something in return, of course.  Then, if you were lucky enough, he might just listen to your trade, and let you take the fruit.  Th
:icongizmojax:GizmoJax 50 13
TT - Chapter 1:The Demon Arise
The Demon Hero Razgriz</i>
Razgriz is a demon who long ago used its demonic powers to spread death across the world. However, after many years of destruction the demon was struck down by a lone warrior and was thought to be dead. In truth the demon survived the fatal attack and crawled into a deep cave known at that time as the Depths of Despair. The demon rested there for many long years to recover. During its slumber Mankind turned on itself, spreading their own death across their own world. Sensing the Evil that had suddenly grown around it the Razgriz awoke. When it came out of the Depths of Despair it no longer had the desire to destroy life, seeing as the life it once longed so much to extinguish was on the verge of destroying itself. The Razgriz felt pity for Mankind and a desire it never experienced before its slumber: the desire to save people.
The Razgriz chose the form of a female for its appearance instead of its hawk-like apparition form
:iconguardian-diamond:guardian-diamond 51 38
Shogun's demon by Rahmakapala Shogun's demon :iconrahmakapala:Rahmakapala 20 6
Demon Boy's Love - Part 1
A little girl stood in the middle of a crowded market place. "Mommy?" She called out tentatively. "Mommy?! Daddy?! Where did you go?!" She started to cry as her eyes filled with little tears. She was a bright blue eyed and blond haired girl, and at the age of about 6 her parents disappeared off the face of the earth.
As the market cleared and the sun went down the little girl had wondered herself into a panic. Her heart beat heavily in her little undeveloped chest. Salty tear stains fell down her creamy white cheeks. The first day her parents took her to the market too.
As the night got darker people paid no mind as they went home, happily to their wives and children. The little girl was dressed in a light baby blue dress with white fringe underneath; a matching blue coat covered her top. She could see her breath in the air now and shivered, hugging her arms around her body.
"Child, what is wrong?" Asked a tall and lean man, he had a black top-hat on and a black cape lined in red satin
:iconhellbound-catz:Hellbound-Catz 29 24
Dragon Ball  Story-Arcs by devilkais Dragon Ball Story-Arcs :icondevilkais:devilkais 346 96


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