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Published: April 21, 2019
Price (PayPal/dA points)
Head/Bust-up ----------------USD $10/1000points
Half Body -------------------- USD $20/2000points
Full Body ---------------------USD $30/3000points
Additional character --------- +USD $10/1000points each
Detailed background --------- +USD $15/1500points

*All drawings come with a simple background.

*Please note that some of the examples below included detailed background that required additional fees*
Issei by chuutadesu  Tanjirou by chuutadesu


Bust up:
Art Trade ~Faruin~ by chuutadesu  Ani by chuutadesu  Art Trade ~Coriolis~ by chuutadesu

Half body:
Walking in The Woods by chuutadesu    Art Trade ~Maya~ by chuutadesu  Art Trade -Robin- by chuutadesu

Full body:
Bi-Lin by chuutadesu   [Commission] Nejire and Akano by chuutadesu  Chloe the General of Elves by chuutadesu

Dragoner's Daily Life by chuutadesu    [Commission] Rissu and Andreae by chuutadesu  Shironeko Project 4th Anniversary by chuutadesu

Important Information
  • It is important to note that all commission is for personal use only. You must not use it for commercial purpose. 
  • There will be no refund once you receive my line art.
  • You may repost artwork on other platform(s) as long as you credit me.
  • You must NOT edit my artwork.
  • I have the right to post the artwork on other platform for advertisement purpose. I will make sure it is credited if the character(s) is/are designed by you.
How to Order
Send me a direct note with:
  • Commission choice: Head/Bust-up/Half body/Full body
  • Number of character(s)
  • Description of characters
  • Theme?
  • Choice of payment? (Paypal / dA points)
    • If you are choosing Paypal, please send me your email for creating an invoice.
  1. Send me a note and give as much details as you want. This can help fastening the process, and you will receive your piece earlier. 
  2. I will give you a sketch to make sure this is what you like. You are more than welcome to change the details. 
  3. Once I receive the payment, I will continue the work.
  4. I will send you the line art along with the color I'm planning to use. You may change the color, but I will not accept any big change on the line art.
  5. Base color to make sure this is the outcome you want. 
  6. Here you go! The final version!
  • Humanoids
  • Sexy
  • Yaoi/Yuri
  • Fanart
  • Gore
  • NSFW
  • Furry/Anthro
  • Mecha
Thank you for reading. Can't wait to see your requests!

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Story--Story's avatar
Would you be able to draw Jojo like characters? [basically just muscular]
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chuutadesuHobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmm...I'm not exactly in that style. It may not turn out to be what you want.
Story--Story's avatar
I meant more like character design, Like can you do muscular characters?
chuutadesu's avatar
chuutadesuHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yeah if that's the case, I can :)