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Goood, I've almost never tried drawing like this in photoshop before.. And I don't think I've ever drawn that many mermaids in the past either..

I really have no idea for how long I worked on this.. 4-5 hours straight? * 3*;;
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I love the colours in this and the tenderness - you can feel an emotion coming through the image. Really lovely...

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Very expressive💙
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This is absolutely beautiful. I'm not usually a fan of the half-human half-fish type of mermaids, but you really made this look natural in a sense. Looks more like a curse than anything else, and that's what I love most about it. Great job :)
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A very beautiful mermaid, the water droplets sliding from her scales are nicely done as well.
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Very beautify detailed and coloured mermaid.
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This is probably the prettiest mermaid that i have seen.

I just love the fact that you gave her some tummy fat because i mainly see images of mermaids all skinny looking but you made her look more healthy plus i like the fact that her tail does not come all the way up to her stomach it begins at her upper thighs and down. 

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great job, adorable! :)
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That would have taken me like 40 days xD
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I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you for drawing a realistic female torso. It's so refreshing to see sometimes. :) I love this piece, it's full of emotion and I like the use of color and especially the mermaids pose. Very well done!!!
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This is intense! I'm in love with it! You've captured the utter sadness and beauty of the moment. I also adore the detail and realism of the subject. Well done!
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I love this piece; it has to be one of my favourite... ever. I'm also really picky, so that's certainly saying something (:

I adore how you didn't make her look... "thin", or "skinny". You made her look natural, which makes the picture all the more beautiful.
I also especially love how you have her face hidden, toward the rocks.
Lovely job.
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Its simply beautiful! :)
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Oh my, this is lovely. I love the folds in the body particularity in the belly region. It sounds weird, but I love little details like those because it just makes it more realistic. Also love the way you can see the shape of her legs. The coloring, especially around the tail is amazing.

In short, this is a wonderful piece.
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I agree, and glad you pointed that out. It's one of my favorite parts of the illustration.
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