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Centaur Girl

Was asked on my livestream by Noble to draw a centaur girl when I didn't know what else to draw. So here you have her.

It was really fun to work on this one so I might actually draw some more monster/creature girls and post here. :3

EDIT: The previous image was so dark. * 3* Hope it's better now.
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She's beautiful!
stotans's avatar
Bow Chicka Bow Wow!
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Aw mah gawsh, hottest centauress I've ever seen!! :iconinloveplz:
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great piece - colors are amazing.
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The name of the folder you placed this deviation in.
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I just requested it I didn't put it in any folders... oh Chuu! Yeah, she's actually pretty shy about nude art at times. And it's actually the name of the folder we talked her into putting her more "erotic" art into. You should try catching some streams. Awful fun, and interesting.
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what's your livestream?
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I'm sure you mean hers, not mine. Her livestream is Chuustar on livestream.
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Ok, thanks, I'll check it out sometime!
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Hon är helt sjukt nice *__*
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I really, really, really like this. *u* <3 You should do more monstuh ladies!
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Magnificent Tjuu-huu. Her eyes are stunning.
Thanks for letting us follow the process from beginning to end!
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Wow... WOW laaaadeeeh xD
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Rattlesnake naga woman should be your next pick if you ever wanna do more monster girls :)
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Those are some snowglobes. Seriously my eyes hurt.
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