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Yeah, still here.

Haven't really been looking at this website since it's changed so much and the art I see here isn't as great as it once was. The UI is also pretty dated, sadly. I'm also busy, but that's literally nothing new if you've known me for all this time. XD

I've been spending most of my time on Instagram now, and working on Let's Plays and streaming on Twitch. I may start uploading here again so I have a place to store my work, though, so you may see me upload stuff sometime in the future. I see that my last upload was literally a year ago so hopefully I can change that in the future haha.

Feel free to say hi to me at these places though. :)

Safety and peace, friends.

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You ever look at your gallery and think "This is pretty terrible?"

Having not uploaded in a while to dA and coming back to it, there's a ton of artwork on here that's old and pretty bad now that my skills have improved. I think taking time away from your work lets you look at them from a new perspective.

Anyways, hope you guys are well! I know I haven't talked to some of you in forever. I've followed your work from the shadows though (like a ninja [i'm a bad ninja sorry]).

A lot of my art for a while has been going to my Youtube channel, Twitter, or Instagram, which is why I haven't posted here in a while. I've also been busy applying to graduate school which is hell and suck and [error Chuu.exe has stopped responding].

dA has also changed so much I have no idea what's going on with this new site. I feel pretty old.

Hope your Halloween's went well. :>

Safety and peace, friends.
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Hi everybody! It's been a while, but how are you all? For the people I don't talk to much anymore, and to the newer people who have come across my page!

I'm in my last year of undergraduate studies so I'm planning on pursuing medical school in the next year or so. It's pretty challenging, but I'm hoping I can write again about my status in the future.

I'm planning on cleaning up my gallery and leaving only my art in there that I like and ones that show my progression. I have a lot of Anime Expo pictures and while they're great I don't think they should belong in the main gallery haha.

Are you doing anything for Halloween? :)

Safety and peace, friends.
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Greetings! Hope all is well with everybody. I have not been on in a while nor talked to many of you, so I hope things have been great for everybody.

As I stated, premed life sure is sucky. But I'm working hard to get into medical school so I hope once everything has passed things will clear up. I want to work on my projects. :XD:

Just wanted to check up on everybody, and let everybody know I'm not dead! :)

Safety and peace, friends.
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As the title says, I used to be into fanime. This was back when fanime itself was in its prime - or rather, very early on in its conception when it was very popular. This was back in 2008 and 2009. I never made a full length episode, or finished anything, and remnants of it still remain on my channel, but I remember it was a nice time. It was laughable at how bad my art and animating was, but I remember the sense to strive to improve in this field. This is still something I believe in very firmly.

I say this, because two recent things have remind me of this time. One, I have been recruited as an artist for a game project which requires animation, which calls back to that time when I used to be all about animating. The second is the drama that occurred between 2008-2010 involving several well known people. I was never deeply involved in it, except to defend my friend against some very spiteful words directed towards her and was blocked subsequently for it. I was called names too, only through the simple act of association and defending my friend. It wasn't pretty, I remember. In some ways, I have seen things that have not changed. Some inherently deep things, which I understand can be very, very hard to change. I will not say that I am completely neutral to some of the negative qualities that this person who blocked me displayed/displays, but reflecting on the past four years, I'm glad to see that there has been progression. Not just for the one who blocked me, but for all those involved in this whole ordeal. And while I was personally never as deeply involved as the several who were, I have grown as well as a person and as an artist. And I think time just does that. Time and life experiences, and self-reflection that will lead to maturity.

This was a long time ago.

It was nice to remember my fanime days when I was a young artist. It was nostalgic and made me think about how far I've come in four years. I guess that's what happens when you become a "legal adult", haha.

Now, that's was quite a sobering statement. I promise to get a bit more lively now. :XD:

It's currently finals week at college, and I took my Bio exam today. I'm still quite busy studying for my other exams though. It's quite cold where I go to college too, and I learned this when I decided to go outside without a jacket. Worst. Mistake. I could make. I was freezing and my toes are still cold as I type this. D:

I got AC3 and have played it all the way through. Short form thoughts sans fangirling: It was great! :D

I also started working with my tablet again after a year+ (?) break from digital art. It's good to use it again. Though the versions of Photoshop I have are outdated for the PC I use, so it causes weird screen lapses and glitches. The same can be said of my Corel Painter (though that just has brushes that are compeltely new to me; I'll learn to use them later). Sai has been really great though, and I hope to learn how to use this program more. I'm currently just working with basics, but I love it so far.

My gallery also needs more AC! And just art in general. Damn, I'm slow to update it. Soon. HOPEFULLY. D:

Safety and peace, friends.
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If you really think about it, a slew of things happened that defined history. Pivotal moments and all. From the Great World Wars to our technological advancements.

And even then, the little tiny details are fascinating too. Like the origins of the words "first world", "second world", and "third world" and things that led up to all these major conflicts in the century which are not as clear cut as "Japan goes and bombs Pearl Harbor and that drags the U.S. into WW2." Speaking of Japan, Germany is not the only one that abused humanitarian rights of civilians in the war, which I always found interesting; we always view Germany as the many power destroying all these lives, but Japan did just as much, if not more. You really can't glorify any country, because they've all gotten dirty at one point or another in history.

But I digress. Just thought it'd be an interesting historical  topic to talk about. I'm in a history mood today. Probably because I have friends who are history people and love to talk about it, and I'd love to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  :XD:
  • Reading: The Postmortal
(No, really, sorry, guys. :<)

Just an update. I'm not dead.

Finals are over. Gonna be playing Assassin's Creed: Revelations and doodling and writing. I am determined to finish stuff now.

Sorry if people have things waiting on me. I haven't forgotten, I promise.

I haven't talked to you all in forever. How are you? :)
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(In response to how different people handle different situations. Mostly a reflection on immaturity and maturity. Maybe that's why I skipped the Young Adult section growing up; it's because I'm already an old fart. :XD:)

So. It's late where I live. Because I love BBC dramas, I'm currently rewatching Tess of the d'Urbervilles (and reading that book in preparation for my literature class). It's really sad. D':
I know I'm depriving myself of sleep, but it's okay guys! I"M A NIGHT OWL! Where's my Rorschach?

Been dropping in with some new art (kinda, sorta). I have to really catch up on everything...

The summer heat has messed with my creativity and I've gone through a massive art block. It sort of lifted, but only from pessimism and depression (...that doesn't make sense). But yes, somehow, my art block got lifted with negatives. It just made me realize that pessimism is my spark for creativity because my art is all negative. :iconotlplz:

Assassin's Creed: Revelations! :la:
...yeah, dunno what else to say to that other than DESMOND DON'T GO INSANE. :ohnoes:
And old Ezio is old

Hate how my summer has me busily working towards a lot of things. Damn you, senior year! I hope I don't catch senioritis. D:

Um...that's all I have for now. I'm tired. But I'm still gonna watch Tess. :XD:
I'll go back and edit this later. I know there's more to be said but I don't wanna type anymore lol.

Edit: So, I'm fully awake now and back with...well, nothing much to say. Other than I love reading literature so much. :XD:

Good news! My art block has lifted. :D
I can now sketch somebody and look at it and think "This is decent" instead of "ghjkgnJK; MUST BUUUUUURN".

I really need to go back and answer everybody's comments. The comments keep piling up and coming in it's hard to catch up. D:>
I'll get there! Just my breath... *passes out*

Watched some good anime this season. I need to catch up on the rest, but it's been a good year. C:

I haven't touched my xBox in forever though, and that's saddening. I have to go back and play some Halo. And my significant other lent me his copy of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, and so I need to finish it. I can definitely say I enjoy it more than COD, but that's just me. :XD:

I wish I could play some AC: Brotherhood multiplayer, but everybody seems to have a PS3. ;A;
If I had extra money I'd buy it, but alas, the economy is tough. Expenses for schools and all that.

Thanks for reading! :huggle:
Here, have some cute videos:………

The End is Nigh.
Safety and peace, friends.
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Quick journal entry to update.

I'm coming back to dA. Got around the virus issue and figured it's safe enough to return. School's over, but...As you can see from my journal title, I'm busily studying for SATs and preparing to apply to colleges. And let me just tell you now, those of you who're not of the prepare-for-college-apps age yet, it sucks. Well, in my opinion it does. Too much shit to do, I can't even enjoy my summer. D:

But maybe that's because I'm a high academic striving student... >_>
All of this is probably my fault, anyways. OTL

SAT studying sucks. Also sucks with unnecessary pressure from my family. They're not as supportive as they say. D:

Well, time to study again. *sigh*

The End is Nigh.
Safety and peace, friends.
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Okay guys. I know I've been inactive for the past several months. I've logged on a few times within these months to show you guys I'm not dead. However, that's gonna change, I think.

Last night while browsing dA my netbook suddenly showed signs of malware. It showed itself in the form of a fake antivirus and it seriously unnerved me. I panicked in the beginning because not only did it cut off my internet access on both of my browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer) it also cut off my antivirus. Thankfully, my friend stuck by me throughout the night as I worked on fixing the problem.

The nasty bugger interfered with so many processes I was forced into safe mode and went about fixing it. Got it to stop its execution and downloaded antimalware to delete the infected files. I've run three full scans since last night, and I'm sure I got rid of it.

This is a warning to you guys about the fucking virus that's been going around on deviantArt. It's not the site itself, it's the ads that float around. I love this site, and to be forced away from it really sucks. Take it from me guys; I want you guys to be safe while on the site and be cautious.

dA knows there's a problem, but it doesn't look like it's improving. I have been infected with minor things in the past from here.

Lol, :iconrikusshadow:, those antiviruses will come in handy.

For now, I'm really staying off the site. I've heard of the tip of using Google Chrome and ad blocking; I'm going to try it and see if it helps..

Sorry guys.
Be safe, everybody!
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(Journal fiasco over. I have to make an entry then edit? What? Still need to figure out what's wrong though. Random journal title is random.)

What's this? I slip into an inactivity coma and come back with the journal layout changed? WHAT'S GOING ON?! WHAT YEAR IS THIS?! AM I WAITING FOR THE KICK?!

So yeah, my plans to upload art got interrupted. Again. I know, I promise to upload more art, but...well...too many obstacles in my path. >_<
I have art, a bunch in my sketches or finished pieces or son to be colored and stuff. I just can never find time to work on it or scan it and upload it. D:
I'll get a chance...eventually...My last uploaded work was from 6 or so month ago... >_<

So anyways, how's everybody?

I've spent the last few months doing mainly work for school and solving social issues. Not really much to speak about. xD

I did see some movies though. The King's Speech, Black Swan, Let Me In, and The Social Network, just to name a few. I loved The King's Speech, and Black Swan was really interesting psychologically and symbolically. I didn't like The Social Network much, cause it was just, well, Mark Zuckerburg being a huge asshole to pretty much everybody and screwing them out of everything. I dunno, I got bored with it. I do applaud that Jesse Eisenberg can keep such a straight face throughout the movie and speak so fast, though. Let Me In pales in comparison to Let The Right One In. That is all.

Oh yeah, and I got Okami. Finally, after 5 years of waiting to get it, I got it! :D
So I've been playing it and Bioshock 2 at the moment. Awesomeness. xD

Batman: Arkham City is coming out October 18th! :D
Excited for that lol. xD

Hm...I would very much like to post my AP Studio Art work up, but I dunno if that will be bad and affect my test score when I mail the portfolio in to the committee that scores it. So right now, that's kinda where I am...

I haven't forgotten about you all on deviantart! I really wish I could be back more often. D:
I still have a bunch of requests/ideas and stuff to do, and I'm determined to finish them! Plus, I miss talking with everybody on here. :(

EDIT: This new journal system sucks...I like the old one better. I couldn't post this entry for some god forsaken reason and had to put up a filler journal and edit that. Then there's the whole "Subject line can't be more than 50 character" and if I fail to do some random slashes appear EVERYWHERE. I thought with the 50 character limit they would just cut off my words, but no, no, that is a lie, just like the cake.

The End is Nigh.
Safety and peace, friends.
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(Because, you know, zombies during Christmas time. It happened! >_> Team Four Star's Dragonball Z Abridged Christmas Special reference too.)

Yeah, reason why there are zombies during Christmas time? I came back from the dead to write this. Oh yeah, and zombie Jesus, but that's already kind of a given, so you get no points from that.

It's pretty much the same thing as ever, school being a priority on my list and all. Thus my absence and explanation as to why my last journal was in...September. September? Wow, it's been a while. O_O
It's almost the end of the year too...time really does fly.

Good news is I've been doing a lot of art for my art class, and so I hope I can post it up on here. It's for AP Studio Art though, so I dunno if I'd get penalized for posting my art here if I send it into the board...Hopefully, I can scan a lot of my work these past few months and go on a giant uploading spree. That is, if my brother will stop complaining of the lag when he plays MW2. >_>

Speaking of games! I got AC: Brotherhood! gkslg;ihj;g Alright, let me just say, I'm still in the beginning, but it's awesome. Plus, the multiplayer actually works, so I'm so glad for that. I was on the fence for a bit about it, cause AC has always been single player. I play on the xBox, so, if you've got Live and wanna play some multiplayer my gamertag is AssassinGlasgow. :D Oh yeah, and my brother shares the account, so please send a message that you're from deviantArt and I'll make sure my brother doesn't deny you or anything. :)

Batman: Arkham City looks so fun. I can't wait till Fall 2011! Oh yeah, and Marvel vs Capcom 3! And though it's not a game, the Supernatural anime! Lots of things I'm excited for this next year. :)

I can't exactly remember what else I was going to talk about in my journal, so when I do, I will come back and update it with an edit. Yay, I'm back on dA, though! :D

The End is Nigh.
Safety and peace, friends.
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(Okay, not really. But I feel like it...)

Hey. I'm alive! (Oh god it's a zombie, killitwithfire--!)

I'm really sorry to everybody who I forgot to wish Happy birthday on their birthdays, and for not responding to anything, and posting stuff. The reason why? School, but more specifically, AP classes. AP US History, AP English, AP Physics, and more...

I've been so busy there's nothing interesting to talk about, except maybe for the new Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood trailer. Unkle ftw, and I'm happy they used another song by them. Plus, the lance throwing and crossbow looked awesome. We finally get that crossbow promised in AC1, it seems. :D

I'm in AP Art now, so I should eventually get some stuff up...but I'm not sure if I'll be restricted from doing that since I'm going to submit my portfolio to the AP board at the end of the year...

I replayed Batman: Arkham Asylum today, and I remembered that I haven't posted any Batman stuff in a long time. I need to go do that. And Justice League stuff, since I rewatched JL. And Hetalia. And more Assassin's Creed stuff. And original art stuff...Gah, there's so much I want to draw and so little time! D:

Oh yeah, and I found a manga where world leaders sort out issues with mahjong. And there's a Super Aryan involved. And I want to draw Putin from it, and the Pope is pretty badass, and the WTFness of it is off the charts in a way.

Um...Well, there happens to be somewhat of a creepy guy that keeps trying to talk to me in school and online. From how he's been acting, I've got a feeling he likes me, and it's a bad sign if I, the very aloof person on relationships, caught that. I'm not a fan of boys being so obvious, you can say. He also seems a bit desperate for friends and stuff... :|

Guess it's time for me to slip back into my school-induced coma again.

The End is Nigh.
Safety and peace, friends.
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(Original title: "There just isn't quality anymore these days." Had to include the art feature thing in, so it was too long... OTL
Title inspired by the horrible fanfiction I've been reading these past few days. And this horrible Mary-Sue Assassin's Creed fanfiction. Also by the fact authors are so immature they won't even take critiques into consideration and just hide comments. -_-)

Headliner: :iconrikusshadow: is still doing commissions! Commission details:…

Now, aside from the rather depressing journal title (don't mind the fact it sounds hypocritical; the art featured here is awesome and wonderful), I'm totally happy for the new Batman: Arkham Asylum sequel. It's got a name! And a release period! Arkham City/Fall 2011! YES!

Moving along, art blocks suck. A lot. They really do. Mine is sorta going away, but it's annoying in doing so because it's not going away fast enough. And school is coming oh man...And I think art block conspired with writer's block to spite me. D:

My birthday is coming this month! Yay! :D
I'll probably draw some birthday thing. I dunno. We'll see, lol.

I saw Inception the other day too. Now I want to make Inception fanarts~
I could go on and on about it, but I doubt you guys want to hear me do that. I'm a little late on it myself. XD
Loved the hot men, the awesome plot, and the wardrobe. And Nolan's directing. :D

There really isn't much to say. Thanks for all the people who have faved/commented/watched/looked at my art and looked at my profile. Thanks guys. :D
I'm totally going to do a "Thank you everybody!" drawing for my 100th deviation. Has it really been a 100 already? Wow...and it's almost my second (or third?) deviantart anniversary. :XD:

Alright, let's stop postponing those meme things. Or :icongamegal101: will hit me in the head with a frying pan.

Be one of the first 20 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Featured List!
For each of the 20 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.
I will also comment why I am featuring said feature.
If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing the list with 19 other people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.

1. :icongamegal101: Ezio with gold eyes. :D I bet my friend who liked violet eyes Ezio would love this. :XD: OHAI JANAN. Effort without bases is awesome. :> Alex! :D I haven't played [Prototype] yet, but seriously: EFFORT. IMPROVEMENT. YAY! :D
3. :iconjokersonlyfear: Kids, this is why you don't do drugs. Or you do. Either way, you'll be trippin' balls like Crane. :XD: Wonderful writing, and I really do love the descriptions of Crane. Now I don't think I'll be able to separate ginger haired Crane from the Weasleys... :XD:
4. :iconferalseraph: The Apple of Eden really does stand out and make it all the more alluring to Malik...Don't touch it, Malik! IT'S A TRAP! lol She draws wonderful animals. My skills with drawing animals cannot compare. ;v; Crossover win. :D

Tagged by :icongamegal101:

She tagged Hakim, yayz. :D

1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names with the creators' avatars.
5. No tagbacks

1. Hakim is often noted as somewhat wiser than his more brash companions. He settles disputes between fellow Assassins often (mostly between Altair and Malik, unfortunately. D: )
2. Despite being wise and calm, he doesn't choose to lead the Assassins in any way after Al Mualim's fall, and instead lets Altair take over that mantle, believing that Altair can be a better leader than he ever will.
3. Despite what Luca's training might say, Hakim was actually accepting of Altair's changes to their ways. Why Luca and her family came to be like they are has to deal with one of Hakim's sons (and I'm not gonna tell you this detail because it's going to appear in one of my writings eventually :XD:)
4. Despite being in such a trained fortress, he's more outgoing in terms of emotions  (not that that's much...). He encourages others to do the same. People say he's nicer compared to other teachers.
5. He has an affinity for reading. When he gets new documents that has some new info, he reads it.
6. He can't swim. Sadly. (What's with Master Assassins and not being able to swim? D:)
7. Perhaps one of his biggest flaws was letting someone go on their own free will. It's...kind of what caused his lineage to become so extreme, if that made any sense.
8. He enjoys life, and tries to make the best of his own. He's still dedicated to the Assassin order, though. It's paradoxical, if you think about it too much. And he has his reasons.

I tag:

Qittah/Leonora/Kalib/Adolfo--:icondarkanimegirl11: (You can just choose one if you want. :XD:)

Papa Slav/Voodoo/Tag/Holland--:iconrikusshadow: (You can also just choose one if you want. :XD:)

Anybody else who wants to do this. Seriously.

Alright, I'm done. Time to hit the sack and get some shut eye. It's rather late where I live.

The End is Nigh.
Safety and peace, friends.
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(Just something I thought about when I was looking through :iconferalseraph:'s photos. :XD:
Malik: You novice.
Me: :iconprussiaplz:)

Overdue journal is overdue.

I know. I'm sorry. D:

First off: :iconrikusshadow: is doing commissions! Commission details here:…
Help them reach a sub! (And yes, I will spam my journals like this. xD)

Okay, main event:

ANIME EXPO WAS WONDERFUL! AWESOME! FANTASTIC! I was very happy there and saw lots of great cosplays! I totally missed a few people on the way by because I didn't know they'd go to AX too! D:>

I couldn't finish my Ezio cosplay in time, so I went as Toph again. It was actually very surprising since a lot more people took photos of me this year! >w<
By the way, is anybody has a photo of me, can you tell me? I'd like to know! (But if I killed your camera, then I'm sorry! :()

Last time I went, I only bought stuff from the dealers. This year, I bought stuff from the artist's alley. I bought lots of pins, a little Italy keychain, and a print of one of :iconzeldacw:'s artwork. The pins I bought were Hetalia pins (Japan, Russia, America, and China; my friend got Prussia, England, Spain, and S. Italy) and :iconkaxen6:'s pin set. (I was sad that the "I only date Assassins" one ran out...but nobody showed Machiavelli any love! :icondespairplz: AC fans, why?! xD

I also got to meet the awesome LittleKuriboh, creator of YuGiOH The Abridged Series. He was a good gent, and very nice and funny. I got my Death note signed and a picture, and even asked a question! C:
I also bought a "Screw the rules, I have money!" t-shirt. Thought about getting a Limey Man one, but decided against it. xD

As you can see, I was a very happy fangirl. xD

I've also come upon a nasty art block. My muse isn't doing anything, the wanker. I need to wake him up with some creative stuff. Anyways, I don't know when my art block will go, so most art you see from me will be stuff I've drawn a while ago and just got around to coloring or something.

In other news, I've noticed the comments on my profile. It's rather interesting to watch, and the answers are very lulzy indeed. There is some pretty epic ownage granted by :iconrikusshadow:. There's a whole backstory to this, but I'd rather not explain it now. If you really want to know, note me.

Safety and peace, friends.
The End is Nigh.
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("Welly, welly, well, it's that horrorshow time. Say, do you think the droogs and I can viddy some Templars?"
"Why the bloody hell are you speaking like that, you arse? We're British!")

I'm going to Anime Expo, if nothing goes wrong from here to then. I'm only going the last day, so July 4th, which sucks because I wanted to go more days, but I was denied. Sad faise. D:

I'm cosplaying this year as Ezio, so I'm currently sewing his outfit now. The tunic/hood fabric is too dark of a grey, so I don't know if I can't to dye it lighter. It seriously is too dark, though. But! I can cop out and say Ezio has the ability to dye his clothes, so this is Wetlands Ebony. >_>

So, if anybody is going to Anime Expo, tell me! I'd like to meet you guys. :D
Just look for an Ezio who may or may not be hanging out with a girl in a nice dress and an Anbu cosplayer. And yes, I understand that that may be too vague. XD

I don't know if I'll have a Hidden Blade, because I don't know if I can get it into AX. It's not going to have a real blade, though. It's a cardboard one. The contraption will be a desk slider thing though. There's also the insignia on his belt to work out...WHY MUST YOU BE SO COMPLICATED, EZIO?! SERIOUSLY, MAN.

If I went for more days, I would've been Vietnam from Hetalia and Toph from Avatar: TLA. Too bad I can't. D:

Anyways, con stuff aside, I had to postpone stuff I wanted to finish because of AX. That last sentence...wait...

But yes, I haven't forgotten, I just have to finish it after the con. Seriously, there's a big list, and I really want to get some stuff out. Sorry once again, but I swear on my life as an artist, I will get to it!

Currently making Kiku and Gilbert (Japan and Prussia for those not acquainted with Hetalia) papercrafts too. And I need to design a Philippines papercraft for a friend.

There's also art I want to do for myself, like Batman, but I'm pushing that back to sew and for SAT studying.

SAT studying... D:

Oh, yes! Everybody who can, please go and check out :iconrikusshadow:'s work and commission details! Commission details here:…

Help them towards a sub! :D

Also, :iconrikusshadow:. I love this icon so much, man. Kolkolkol~

NO. Must not become one with Russia...

The End is Nigh.
Safety and peace, friends.
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(Kudos if you get the reference.)

It's been a while since I've updated my journal, and since I've been tagged by several and have to go on vacation next week, I thought I'd get it done. There's not much to say...I don't have school anymore! (Well, for two months at least.) So I have more time to work on my art, which I'm happy about. My account has been inactive in terms of posting. I posted a lot more during the first six months of last year, but that's probably because there was more free time for me. So...expect some art...and maybe sketch dumps. We will see what I do with my sketches accumulated throughout the year.

Now, onto the memes! It's going to take up the bulk of the journal anyways.

Tagged by :icongamegal101:

1).Pick one of your FCs/OCs
2).Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your FC/OC
3).Tag 3 people at the end of the quiz

1.)What's your name?


2.)Do you know why you were named that?

I don't know. You should perhaps ask my father and mother.

3.) Are you single or taken?

I'd rather not answer. Besides, I'm not very interested in relationships that extend beyond friendship right now.

4).Have any abilities or powers?

Master Assassin training. All of it, and I've been training since I could walk. But we learn more every day, so I'm still learning, I guess.

5.) Stop being a mary-sue

...Who is Mary-Sue?

6.) Uh...if you were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do you think you'd win?

I would have to see this wrestler. Though, most likely, I believe I can take him down.

7.) Riiiight... Have any family members?

My father, mother, and brother, Matteo. I have a cousin named Arturo as well.

8.) Oh? How about pets?

I never had one. The closest I've ever come to a pet was with a dying eagle.

9.) Cool, I guess. Tell me something that you don't like.

Disruptors of peace. Most likely the Templars.

10.) Something that you do like?

...I'm...not sure.

11) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

I assassinate people. I was brought up and trained to follow the Creed, and though I don't like it, it demands my service. Perhaps...if there was another way...I could get some activity that I would enjoy doing.

12.)Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?

Plenty of times.

13.)Ever...killed anyone before?

Numerous individuals.

14.)What kind of animal are you?

Animal? Do you mean it in a literal or metaphorical sense?

15.)Name your worst habits.

I have none...

16.)Do you look up to anyone at all?

No. "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted."

17.)Gay, straight, or bi?

Are you asking me if I like men?...Yes...but...I'm not interested in love right now...

18.)Do you go to school?

I was schooled at home whilst training.

19.) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day? -w-

I must, to continue the bloodline and Assassin training. Do I wish to? It has never occurred to me...

20.)Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?


21.)What are you most afraid of?

Nothing. I am an Assassin.

22.)What color is your hair?


23.) Eyes?

Dark brown.

24.) What do you usually wear?

Master Assassin robes. If necessary, I will change into civilian outfits, but very rarely does that happen. I manage to assassinate the target and escape undetected most of the time.

25.)What's your religion?

Should religion matter? I suppose I don't...but I do stand firm to our Creed that "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted."

26.)Do you wish this quiz is over?

I don't care. Do you?

27.) Well, it's still not over.

I see. Well, continue then.

28.) Anyways, where do you live?

In Firenze (A/N: Florence). To tell you where exactly would be foolish.

29.) What class are you? (Low class, middle class, high class)?

I have no class.

30.) How many friends do you have?

...Friends?...Yes...that's right, I have friends now...I think...two. Perhaps Ezio's other friends are my friends as well...

31.) If you could change anything about you, what would
you change?

My life. If I was not raised to follow the Creed and the Order of the Assassins straight from birth...Yet...there are some people who I would never meet had it not been this way.

33.) What is your thoughts on pie?

I rarely eat anything sweet. I don't believe I've ever eaten pie...

34.) Alright. What's your favorite food?

I don't have one.

35.) Favorite drink?

Water. It's the only thing I drink.

36.) What is your favorite place?

Someplace...silent. Tranquil and quiet. Like...a starry night in Monterrigioni's land, or some place in Toscani. In cities and towns, I prefer rooftops. Most likely I'll be on a rooftop.

37.) Least favorite?

I've never thought about it.

38.) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?

I have no feeling towards this quiz.

39.)Well, it's over.

That's interesting to know.

40.) Now, tag 3 people!

Whoever wishes to do this, feel free.

(A/N: Haha, Luca da Firenze. xD
I'm still not sure if she should be a native or be born somewhere else. I'm thinking of having her family move to different places throughout her childhood to escape detection.)

Tagged by :icondarkanimegirl11:

-The Rules
1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

1) I play the piano. Currently practicing the "Up" theme.
2) My native art style is anime/manga. I have branched into realism and Western comic books art, though.
3) My room is sometimes a mess, but my book case remains neat and organized. Probably because of my fondness for reading. xD
4) Sometimes I at like a sponge with words. I start using Nadsat, show quotes, Italian, Spanish, and other things in my conversations.
5) My left ring finger sometimes bends inward, as if it's been cut off. Due to too much Assassin's Creed. I don't know why I sometimes does that. I also sometimes make my hand like Inuyasha when he's ready to claw someone.
6) I think deeply on different things, questioning, wondering. Which is odd, since my mind sometimes jumps around in erratic pattern. Or maybe it's not. I'm not a brain expert.
7) My taste in music is diverse. I only have one or two genres I avoid.
8) I tend to sit in chairs with my feet up on them. It's like I'm crouching in the chairs.
9) I'm told my laugh can make people laugh as well or be downright maniacal (I'm guessing psychopathic like). I'm not sure which one it is myself.
10) In real life, I speak like a teenager. When I'm online, it's the same deal, yet I formal a great deal. When playing video games without a mic on, I curse a lot. Haha, my varying degrees of cursing and rudeness. xD

Tagged by :iconfire-dragon10:


1. "Buon giorno/Ciao/Arrivederci/mi amica (or amico)"

2. "Hurm."

3. Internet stuff: "Lol/Win/(Epic) fail/lolwut/etc."

4. "Bloody hell."

5. "Oh, joy."
  • Listening to: &quot;Apologize&quot;--The Big O OST
  • Reading: &quot;The Inferno&quot;--Dante Alighieri
  • Watching: The Big O
("Why 'The Big O' for the quote this time?"
"Because 'The Big O' is awesome. In the 90's, now...hell, it cemented Steve Blum's voice too. Roger Smith's monologue, anyone? Plus, all the elements, and the noir, and the homages, and kickass characters/dialogues."
"But I mean, I don't think you've used an anime quote in any of your journals for a while..."
"...You're kind of right. But, you know, it's better than going 'Big O! Showtime!' Or, you know, singing the Flash Gordon inspired theme song.")

Big O's opening:…

Aside from the randomness of the journal headings, and the quotes (randomness inspired by :iconrikusshadow:, quotes by me as I have a habit of putting quotes as my status on Facebook), I've noticed I also tend to hold some conversation with a random person in the parenthesis. Eh, just a random notice is all.

So yes, same things as usual. I'm on spring break, so I'm hoping to clear the homework and start posting. I've got my art and writing piled up, and I'm pretty sure it's time to start lowering the pile. I really need to start keeping a list too. I've been meaning to write a list of ideas I come up with, but I keep forgetting. It's horrible, especially when a good amount of ideas come from random things I think about while surfing the internet, and I haven't been able to get on for a few reasons, which include my brother hogging the 360 to play Modern Warfare 2.

I kind of want to do a group picture with friends here on deviantArt. Perhaps I should ask who's interested? I dunno if they'd want me to put them in the picture of not if I just went at it. Maybe I should do an OC group picture too...I dunno, I just started thinking of group pictures after I saw one on a dA page.

I've been reading a lot more lately, too, because I went on a book shopping spree. I've bought some really good books, and I'm glad to say, that with the recommendations I've chosen, I haven't been disappointed in any of them yet. Even with "1984"; lots of people don't like it, and I can see why. Though while I'm not particularly fond of any of the characters (in fact, Julia rather bugs me), I do love the commentary and questions that arise. I also saw "Good Omens" as a recommended book, and I loved it. It seriously is one of the funniest books I've read and have; I lended it to somebody, though, so I have a feeling I might not be getting it back... xD

I looked through all my messages, and I do have to say I'm really happy and thankful so many people faved my work. I made it a goal to say "Thank you" to every single person, but I don't know if that will happen...I'll continue to try, but it's really hard, and I might have to abandon it in the end. The same goes for all who watched me. Thank you very much! I appreciate it! For comments, I'll continue to reply to them. I'll try my best to not give it up as easily as the faves/watcher comments.

Anyways, there's not much more I can say here. Since I read some journals by some friends and got tagged, I'll do the meme.

1. Pick only TWO (or was it one? I found one that said two.) of your OCs. If you want to do it with another one, do the quiz again
2. Tag people at the end, blah, blah, blah
3. Have fun and all that jazz

1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
Faint: Faint.
Luca: I am Luca.

2. Interesting... what's your current age?
Faint: 18.
Luca: Why do you need to know? (Her age varies, depending on the year. Her story spans about 40 years too.)

3. Uh huh. What's your favorite food?
Faint: ...
Luca: ...

4. And your favorite drink?
Faint: ...Why should drink and food be known?
Luca: Water.

5. Confession time! Who's your crush/lover?
Faint: I love...I love nobody. Love as a feeling...I try to comprehend.
Luca: ...There is no one.

6. Aw! Have you two kissed yet?
Faint: No. I thought we said we loved no one?
Luca: No. And we're not implying that we do love someone with these answers.

7. Classic question! What's your favourite color?
Faint: Blue, black, red, yellow, green? I am not sure...Do I have a favorite color?
Luca: I have none.

8. Who's your favorite author?
Faint: I am not sure.
Luca: I'm too busy to read.

9. Now what's your biggest fear?
Faint: Fear is something perceived as negative, yet still held in so high of thought. As an answer, I must say none.
Luca: Assassins fear nothing.

10. *stifles a giggle* I'm not laughing *bursts out laughing*
Faint: ...
Luca: ... *watches silently* ...Your reaction...why laugh? Was there something humorous I missed?

11. Awesome. Who's your hero?
Faint: I have no heroes.
Luca: Nobody.

12. OK, who is your worst enemy?
Faint: Enemy...he knows who he is.
Luca: They know who they are for me as well.

13. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?
Faint: That is impossible.
Luca: As she said, it is impossible. We don't have any heroes.

14. Interesting... what would you do if you met your creator?
Faint: ...
Luca: ...
Me: You guys are so stoic and quiet...

15. Okay, I'll contact them right now. Done! Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Faint: My job is a shadow demon hunter.
Luca: my job is an Assassin.

16. What's your worst nightmare?
Faint: Nightmares? Perhaps...perhaps failing. In my mission. In my comprehension. In my words.
Luca: I'm not sure.

17. What's your lifelong dream?
Faint: I don't know. Peaceful existence of sides. The destruction of an enemy.
Luca: When the Templars cease to exist...when those who threaten free will have stopped. It's stupid to think that will happen, though.

18. What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
Faint: Live out my life until the end. Death comes naturally as the ultimate goal after all other goals have been accomplished.
Luca: Die in peace.

19. OK, where's your favorite place to relax?
Faint: I don't know.
Luca: Rooftops.

20. Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?
Faint: Hunting malicous shadow demons. And reading sometimes; that happens when Azuma is kind enough to get books for me.
Luca: Assassinations.

21. We're done! Now tag whoever the hell you want.
Faint: ... *walks away*
Luca: ... *walks away too*

Whoever got tagged has a throwing knife in their arm. >_>

Safety and peace, friends.
The End is Nigh.
  • Reading: &quot;Lolita&quot;--Vladimir Nabokov
("--by that?!"
"Tactical nuke!" *points up*
"25 killstrea--The hell?!"
*stabs with Hidden Blade*)



Hello, everybody. After nearly two months of inactivity (almost, and at least that's how I think so) I've come back to write a journal. It's the usual things that are keeping me away from posting; you know, school, family issues, and moving houses and whatnot. I have a backlog of things I need to get done and posted, and my bottomless mind-well of ideas just keeps fishing up new things I want to do. Like animation, painting, or a drawing composition. Gah! Sometimes I wish I didn't come up with so many enticing ideas...but, maybe it's good in the long run... >.>

Has anybody heard of that new Assassin's Creed game spinoff? I'm a little iffy on the multiplayer and the game in general (you know how spin-offs for Assassin's Creed usually are...) but I do love the idea of connecting with all the Assassin's Creed fans online in multiplayer. So...we'll see, I guess.

Alright, I think this is a good time to get on the lists of apologies for absences and my procrastination (like Leonardo da Vinci! xD). To those who are waiting on a commission/request/gift from me, I'm sorry they're still not out. I'm so very sorry! I'll try to get to them! I swear! D:
To the people who I usually post comments and talk to, I'm also very sorry! There are sparse replies in between, but I'm sorry for pretty much going without contact with you guys. I might as well start with this journal and ask, how are you guys? Is everybody well?

Back to my stuff, I have a lot of drawings and spare sketches that I'd love to have on deviantArt. I'm also working on more Assassin's Creed OC things, with Luca and her ancestor Hakim and descendant Nora. For my school's writing club, we have to write a monologue for Valentine's Day, so I intend to do it on a what-if scenario between Luca and Ezio from Luca's point of view. I probably intend on the two just staying friends, but, you know, what-if...? Expect that up and a drawing by Valentine's Day (I'm working towards it!)

So, I was looking through all my messages and found out I got tagged in three journals to do this I'm going to do it. 10x3 is 30. You're going to get 30 facts about me. Oh boy, here goes...

1. Post these rules
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag backs

-1) My bookshelf is split into three separate categories: manga/anime; regular novels and novellas; and other stuff like video games, art books, and Western comic books.
-2) I'm so much of a nerd that I put my manga/anime series right-to-left, so Volume 1 starts on my right side and Volume, say, 3 would be on my left.
-3) I just moved houses and finally have most of my stuff in my room.
-4)I'm 5' 2", an Asian, and people say I'm a lot like Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I took their advice and cosplayed as her for Anime Expo 2008. xD
-5) I am self-teaching myself Italian for the time being.
-6) I vent through art, music, and writing. I'm pretty much a creative-orientated person.
-7) My Facebook statuses is nothing but quotes from anime/manga/comic books/video games.
-8) Civilian Ezio is my Facebook avatar and my Ezio figurine is sitting on my computer table. I'm looking at it right now. (Voice: NERD! xD)
-9) I made my own Death Note. For my L also is very useful as an autograph collector. Mwahahaha!
-10) One of the shows that I can say I've been a fan from its pilot (when I was only a kid) has to be Supernatural. And maybe Heroes, but I don't seem to remember if I watched the pilot...
-1) I'm a video game person. I might be in the video game business one day.
-2) I hate Twilight. Yeah.
-3) A tomboy, apparently so much so sometimes that a guy said "Hey, there are girls here...I think" when he was talking about me. Hate dresses/skirts, pink (unless it's pastel pinkj, and only for art), the "usual". xD
-4) 10 posters are hanging in my room: 5 of dragons, one of J-rock band LM.C, one of Pokemon list 1-100, a signed Fullmetal Alchemist poster, Halo 3 poster, and Assassin's Creed 2 map poster.
-5) My favorite color is teal. It used to be just green, but I think a rather sad childhood event changed that.
-6) I fear the creation of Mary-Sues, so I try hard not to make characters into one. There's always those "What-if...?" moments though that I like to write/draw sometimes.
-7) I want to go to Europe one day. Just to explore and learn about the history and look at all the neat things. Hehe, Italy. :D
-8) I have negative views when it comes to relationships. Never had a boyfriend or first kiss. Don't really care in the long-run...I just think that I'll never find that guy. :shrug:
-9) The last 5 books I read: A Clockwork Orange, The Prince, Alamut, The Lovely Bones, and Lolita
-10) I have a set of Joker-vandalized playing cards, a Joker T-shirt, a trench coat, a homemade Watchmen pin, and a homemade version of Ezio's necklace. >_>
-1) I like using the pencil to draw/sketch. I only use pen when I feel like it/have to.
-2) I have a drawing problem. Er, yeah...I draw on a lot of thigns, let's just say.
-3) I play the piano, and I'm teaching myself how to play "Sanctuary" (formerly "Venice Sanctuary Cemetary") from the Assassin's Creed II soundtrack. Might psot a video if i ever finish.
-4) I taught myself how to sing a few lyrics from the Welsh version of the song "Lament" by Light of Aiden, as heard in the Halo: ODST real life trailer. Been to shy to sing it in front of a lot of people, though.
-5) I'm working on an Ezio cosplay. I need to figure out how to get my Hidden Blade materials (trying to buy it with parents' permission).
-6) I have four watercolor bookmarks that I was sort of supposed to finish but never got around to. Eheheh... ^^;
-7) I have wonderful friends, both online and in real life. You guys are all awesome. trust me. Everybody brightens my day at least a little. :D
-8) I think too deeply on things sometimes, mostly psychology and philosophy.
-9) I love Masterpiece Theatre. Masterpiece Classic, Masterpiece Mystery, Masterpiece's all awesome.
-10) I'm with CoCo! Conan O'Brien has always been my favorite late night show host on the local channels. I feel bad that he's leaving, and I really need to draw a picture for him.

Well, hope I didn't sound too boring. xD
Whoever wants to do this can.

The End is Nigh.
Safety and peace, friends.
  • Reading: &quot;The Prince&quot;--Niccolo Machiavelli
(Because learning Italian phrases from a video game is fun. I learned how to curse! XD)

There was a bit of misfortune last work concerning my preorder for Assassin's Creed 2, and it got canceled. However, I got lucky and managed to find the Master Assassin edition. Thus, I have been playing the game all this week, looking through the art book, and oogling my Ezio figurine.

I like my figurine. It's right next to my computer right now. >.>

My 5k Kiriban was caught by :icondakevi:! Congratulations on catching it! ^_^

I have a backpile of work to do, and I think I have a creative spark to finally push through it. Just have to clear up some homework and studying issues, though. Gah. Dx

Okay, so I'm not going to postpone talk of Assassin's Creed 2 any longer. It's awesome. I'm not done with it yet (NO SPOILERS, please!) but I love it so far. There are some minor issues, but the game is great overall. Assassin's Creed 2 is so beautiful it makes my eyes happy and the music is very pleasant to listen to. Killing guards with dual hidden blades and a gun is awesome too. And the story is very good!

Alright, enough fangirling. I got tagged for a journal meme by :iconfire-dragon10:, so I might as well do it.

1) Choose one of your own characters.
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then, tag three people.
4) Feel free to add some questions of your own.

Luca, Hakim, and Nora (Assassin's Creed OCs)

1) What gender are you?
Hakim: Male.
Luca: ... (Author note: People usually assume she's male, but she's female. She doesn't really care what people think of her, though.)
Nora: Female.

2) What is your age?
Hakim: 25.
Luca: Why do you want to know? (Author note: Her age varies during a period of time. Youngest is 19-ish years and oldest is 40-ish years.)
Nora: 23. Thank god I can drive.

3) Do you want a hug?
Hakim: No thank you.
Luca: I'd prefer if you do not touch me. *flicks out Hidden Blade*
Nora: ...Sure?

4) Do you have any bad habits?
Hakim: Non to speak of, I think...
Luca: I was trained to not have any bad habits.
Nora: Punching least, people tell me that.

5) What is your favorite food?
Hakim: I didn't have one. We were rather limited in what we ate at the fortress in Masyaf.
Luca: Hmph.
Nora: I like ice cream, preferably vanilla or mint chocolate.

6) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Hakim: What is ice cream? (A/N: He lives in 1191 A.D. in the Holy Land. >.> )
Luca: Ice cream? In Italy we have gelato...I don't eat it often, though. (A/N: Too busy being an assassin and living on rations.)
Nora: I just stated it above. *points one question up*

7) Are you a virgin?
Hakim: Well, I must have sired at least one child,
Luca: ...
Nora: Since I had to be born, Luca isn't. As for me...yes. Not that I have a problem with it, though.

8) Have you killed anyone?
Nora: I think being Assassins makes it pretty obvious here.

9) Do you hate anyone?
Hakim: Templars. Maybe Al Mualim, but it was more of the feeling of being betrayed by him that got me the most than him being a Templar.
Luca: Yes.
Nora: Assassins are pitted against Templars. So...Templars, and technically Abstergo.

10) Do you have any secrets?
Hakim: We all have our own personal locked boxes with only ourselves as the key to each one.
Luca: ... *hesitantly nods*
Nora: Yeah...

11) What is your favorite season?!
Hakim: Summer is nice.
Luca: I don't have one.
Nora: Winter is a lovely time of the year. I don't care if people keep thinking it signals misfortune and death.

12) Who are your best friends?
Hakim: I guess you could say Altair and Malik. Though we're more grouped together as Master Assassins.
Luca: ...I don't know if I have best friends...I have allies, or acquaintances. I guess, in the end, they may be called friends. To name a few, Ezio Auditore and Leonardo da Vinci.
Nora: I have a sort of best friend...she disappeared several years ago. was a dark time.

13) What are your hobbies?
Hakim: I do enjoy reading whenever we can get new documents. The variety of information is really enlightening.
Luca: *stares blankly and thinks* Training...Are assassinations supposed to count?
Nora: I enjoy drawing and sparring with fellow Assassins.

14) What is your favorite drink?
Hakim: Water.
Luca: Water is the only drink I need.
Nora: *to Luca* Despite there being wine in Italy? My favorite is tea, surprisingly. And coffee in limited amounts.

15) When is your birthday?
Hakim and Luca: Um...
Nora: You guys don't know? Not even a general month? For me, it's December 26.

16) What age did you die?
Hakim: 65 or so. Around that time.
Luca: Around 70 years.
Nora: ...I-I haven't actually died yet.

17) Are you nice or mean?
Hakim: People say I'm nice...
Luca: Interpret as you will.
Nora: Eh, I'm a good balance, I think.

18) What do you think of your creator?
Hakim: She's a nice person.
Luca: I don't care...She has given me development, though, and I thank her...
Nora: I like the fact that she's developing us. She's giving Luca a lot of development, though...

19) What is your weakness?
Hakim: My family.
Luca: I was raised not to have weaknesses. Yet...they are my friends.
Nora: My friends and family.

20) How long can you stay under water?
Hakim: Er...not long. I can't swim.
Luca: A few minutes.
Nora: Several minutes.

21) What do you do on a regular day basis?
Hakim: Train young assassins and carry out orders.
Luca: Kill people.
Nora: Train and prepare for Abstergo and the Templars. They have taken out some of our brothers and sisters...

22) Do you love someone?
Hakim: I must've loved somebody in order to be related to Luca and Nora.
Luca: *looks down and hood covers eyes* ...
Nora: Not yet...

23) Does that person love you back?
Hakim: Yes. I'm happy she does.
Luca: ...
Nora: If I ever love somebody, I hope they love me back.

24) Do you like me?
Hakim: I believe so.
Luca: I am neutral to you.
Nora: *shrugs* I guess?

25) What do you consider fun in the day time?
Hakim: Enjoying life in the sun.
Luca: ...I...I don't know.
Nora: Helping the Assassins.

26) At night?
Hakim: Enjoying the night's peace.
Luca: ...
Nora: Thinking. Life is full of puzzles.

27) Do you like meatballs?
Hakim: What are meatballs?
Luca: *cocks head curiously*
Nora: Sure. It's good with spaghetti.

28) Do you like Chef Boyardee's meatballs?
Hakim: I am not sure of this "Chef Boyardee" you speak of.
Luca: It has roots in Italy?
Nora: Not really. I'd rather not go for canned ones.

29) Are you gay?
Hakim: No.
Luca: No.
Nora: Sorry, but no.

30) Say that you were trapped in a closet with your lover for 2 days straight.
Hakim: Oh, we'd probably talk and enjoy ourselves.
Luca: I-uh-I-I would probably want to be out assassinating... (A/N: Lies! She'd probably try her best to not die from being uncomfortable.)
Nora: Wow, um...I'm not sure. Hug him?

31) Wow, really?
Hakim: Yes.
Luca: Y-Yes...
Nora: Sure, let's go with that.

32) What is your place of origin?
Hakim: I don't know...
Luca: In Italy.
Nora: The United States. I suspect that Chuushiri hasn't picked out specific places for Luca and me yet.

33) Who are your parents?
Hakim: I heard they were Muslims...I was too young to remember.
Luca: They were Assassins...and trained me to follow the Creed.
Nora: I'm not sure I'd want to give out that information now. And why do you want to know?

34) Are you wearing underwear right now?
Hakim, Luca, and Nora: ...
Nora: We're moving on to the next question that isn't stupid.

35) What's your occupation?
Hakim, Luca, and Nora: Assassins.

36) What makes you unique?
Hakim: They say I'm wise...
Luca: I'm not sure.
Nora: That I don't have a ring finger cut off? Well, nobody does nowadays...but it took longer for my family to realize it, since Luca's children stopped the finger lopping...

37) Do you have a phobia?
Hakim: No.
Luca: Assassins fear nothing.
Nora: Then they'd fear not to love, Luca. Even Hakim agrees. I have a small bit of claustrophobia...

38) Is this quiz over?
Hakim: Well, we're not the ones to decide, are we?
Luca: It's over whenever you or our creator wants it to be over.
Nora: Eh. I think it is.

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