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  • Listening to: galileo :D
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  • Eating: berliner :)
  • Drinking: apple spritzer
hello everyone!

the year is drawing to an end and i really wonder what the new one will bring along.
i finished my study this year and i m looking forward for my next steps on my career path.

i have a lot New Year's resolutions and i will try to put them into action.
I'll keep you informed! :)

I wish everyone merry christmas ans a happy new year :)
  • Listening to: my talking fellow students
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  • Watching: my mac rendering an animation..-.-
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  • Eating: currants XD
  • Drinking: coca cola
hey everybody^^

i m back from my unwanted non-attendance here at deviantart.
Its summertime here and the vacations begin tomorrow.
When you look at my galerie you can see that i upload a few new works
so it would be really great if you could get me some feedback :)
the last week i startet to learn how to use Cinema 4 D.
its really fun and although its no masterpiece i m really proud of this.
i try to learn hard the next month to get better.

hope everybody has a great time :)

best wishes to all ^^
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  • Watching: people going around :D
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  • Eating: knoppers XD
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i felt like writing something..^^
hope all of you had have a good start in the new year :)
at moment i m in the middle of the interim audit...
hope i will make it XD
i try to upload more the next time..
the last mouth wasn`t so productive.. :/

Lots of love to all :)
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  • Eating: toast XD
  • Drinking: sprite
oh man...
at moment i m overwhelmed with work... -.-
a concept for this and a concept for that...  
so much more to learn...
and thats also the reason why i couldnt upload regular my pics...
i hope that it would be better in a few weeks...
but i try to upload every 3-5 days :)
so.. thats all for the moment ..

best regards to all ^^
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  • Watching: nickelodeon xD
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  • Eating: soup
  • Drinking: pepsi :D
I have holidays again :D
it was realy about time ... ^^
now i will make me some chilled days with my new camera
i take about 900 photos in 1 1/2 weeks :D
not all are good but i think i realy top up my galerie.. :)
i intended to work a lot with photoshop , hope i do it this time ...
and actually i should learn for my driver licence... -.-
damned theory test... :(
after this holidays i m in the 4. semester... i m curious about photografie :)
so thats all for the moment..
  • Watching: nickelodeon xD
  • Playing: nothing...
  • Eating: cornflakes
  • Drinking: orange juice
i thougt its time to work a little bit on my profil...
its so empty... hmm.. what should i tell...
my holidays are over... V_V...
on tuesday uni starts again... and i didnt realy do anything XD
now i m realy stressed... because there are some duties for next week...  *panic*
actually i wanted to work a lot with photoshop during the holidays...
but anyways... all i do is one work.. in 5 weeks...
thats realy weird... all i did was chill and relax xD

so.. i think thats all for the moment ...

when someone read this... sorry for the bad english... i m working on :D