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Happy New Year~!
No announcement at Jump Festa about when dbs is returning to tv after all. :(
Oh well. There's always next year. ^^;
My new guess is it'll be at one of those dbh panel streams Shueisha does from time to time.

Gogeta~! :meow:
And Trailer 3!

Both have impressive animation! :la:
Thoughts on the Brolli movie spoilers
+Goku and Brolli becoming friends at the end and Goku introducing himself to Brolli as both Goku and Kakarrotto is really sweet. :aww:
+Bardock getting to face off against Freeza in the flashback after all makes me feel a little better about them including Minus.
+It taking them four tries at the dance before Gogeta appears properly makes me think it must be a quick succession of cuts. Also makes me wonder if Vegeta's subconsciously messing up because he doesn't want to do it or if he just has that much trouble learning it quickly.
?Brolli's situation seems like even more a parallel to Goku's only different; he has a harder time than Goku does communicating. He loses his sole parental figure and is found by others many decades later than Goku was.
?Bulma pressures Vegeta into agreeing to fusion with Goku.
+Goku suggests fusion.
?When Goku talks about the ToP characters in the beginning of the movie they briefly show what they'd look like in the new art style.
?Freeza kills Paragus to see if it'll get Brolli to go ssj for the first time.
?It does.
+Beerus babysits Bra.
?Gogeta's in a lot of the second half of the movie.
?Chelye saves Brolli by using the dragon balls to wish him back home to the planet they found him.
-Freeza wanted to wish to be taller.
-Bulma wanted to wish to be younger.
?Neither gets their wish.
?Brolli's zenkai boosts happen as he fights rather than after a near-death battle.
?Gogeta and Brolli's power as they fight almost or does rip a hole in dimensions.
-Freeza survives by escaping in his ship.

The video I saw that talked about the spoilers said their friend isn't 100% fluent in Japanese so there's likely a bunch more dialogue that was missed, but right now it's looking like a solid, if action-heavy, film.

Brolli trailer 3!

-The animation looks so pretty.
-They're still not telling us much of anything about the plot.
-But in less than a week all the spoilers will be out there anyways!
-I like that Goku doesn't think Brolli's a bad guy. I'd like to see them somehow be friends when this is over.
-That Goku and Vegeta team ki blast attack at the end made me smile.
-I read they corrected a scene between trailers 2 and 3 so Freeza now has his armor on. That's kinda neat.
-Also here's text subs!…

~*July's Layout*~

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July's layout! :meow:

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"Blooma sounds more fun to say than Bulma" - well technically, Blooma or Bloomers show the Bloomers name

Also if her name is indeed BULMA why was Goku laughing?

It is most likely Blooma or Bloomers

BH-Ouji Featured By Owner Edited Sep 22, 2017
"She had candy cigarettes in an early chapter cover..." - wait really? I thought it was reall cigarettes

I know DB is for kids, but showing a 16 year old woman with candy cigarettes is kinda weird


So i saw the magazine scar and...

Oh so it's most likely a candy cigarette becuase there's a "choco" bar in her corner? WE don't know for sure thought
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