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okami-great goddess, amaterasu

Ah, heavenly Amaterasu, mother of us all.
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This is gorgeous.
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i really really love this <3
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This kinda looks like water lilies by picasso. over all, its beautiful
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I adore this piece, its simple yet the color mixture is complex and well thought out....but over all its very peaceful...something that needs to be displayed. I love Okami and this piece I feel represents her well.
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I just love this picture. I dont know why, but by not showing amaterasu there's just this great atmosphere. o.o and then all those colouurs x3
SherlockBoy's avatar
One of my top favorite Okami pictures! I am absolutely blown away by this (wait, that's a different brush technique:))!
SherlockBoy's avatar
I forgot to mention: It's a great 'teaser' picture!
Wolfie-Okami's avatar
Love the colours!
amazing! really looks like the work of issun!
MikkiSang's avatar
I love this, its so pretty and peaceful ^_^
Okami Amaterasu is awesome :3
SoSZSp's avatar
I love this soooo much~ I agree with :iconsoulful-purple-wolf: whole-heartedly. It's so serene~ <3
Soulful-Purple-Wolf's avatar
I love this piece. It certainly has an Okami feel to it, without it being strictly Okami fan art. This is a beautiful piece with a lot of color and grace to it. Just beautiful!!!
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That is one of the nicest comments I've ever received, thank you! :)
Soulful-Purple-Wolf's avatar
Aww, you're welcome. The piece deserves it! :P
Samuraispirit1's avatar
wow i love how u did the lilly pads
Medral's avatar
very beautiful! <3
MiYoung-Ko's avatar
I'm falling in love with all of your Okami drawings. You get a lot of feeling and message across. And you draw it just beautifully.
chupachup's avatar
you're so kind! thank you for all of your sweet comments, i appreciate all of them . :)
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