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Lady Venom
I guess you could consider this image the first 'official' of my images for the Halloween season, although it was inspired by the movie "Venom" that is out as of the posting of this image.

funny thing about this image is that I used one of my 'Celebrity' morphs at the last second, although you can't really tell because of the skin used and the inhuman expansion of her mouth.

The morph I used is meant to resemble Cameron Diaz:…

One thing I have noticed about her: She is a beautiful woman, but sometimes she breaks into this face-splitting smile that would put the f*cking Joker to shame :wow:

Also, this one of three 'slime suits' I have, but the first one I have really used.  One is meant to look like the character is covered in globs of goo/being attacked by a living goo pile, and another is just a 'sexy striped' suit that kind of looks like living goo is covering the figure.  I may yet use these in future images to represent a total transformation, like I did WAY back when I rendered these images:
Tribal Relations-Edit
An Orc warrior, a Dark Elf, and a Sylvan Elf engage in some Inter-Tribal Relations :-)

See my blog under the name "Tribal Relations" for the unedited version.

Haven't done any true X-rated imagein a long while, so I tried this one.

It was in Daz Studio, so it took longer than I thought it would to render (had to make the Light Elf hairless just to speed up the process.

I'm probably not going to get back into doing multi-image X-rated series until I get that mythical new system some time next year (hopefully), although I have been steadily collecting stuff to do such images (pose sets, new 'naughty parts', etc).

Belle at the Ball BE
See my blog for a nude rendition.

Another attempt at Belle from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", this time a Breast Expansion version, and wearing a slightly more risque ball gown than in the movies :-)

Also, although you can't tell from this angle, I finally found a hair prop that emulates her hairdo from the animated film, although I probably should have added more 'volume' to it.

I once again used my "Emma Watson Celebrity Face Morph", but as usual with most such (except for a select few), it really doesn't resemble her that much, at least with expressions applied..

I like how this one came out mainly because of the top of the dress.  Usually, when I expand both the figure and the clothing to my 'preferred' dimensions, there is some 'texture stretching' that takes place, making close up shots look bad.

The textures for both the figure and the dress were detailed enough that it looked better than I would have thought, though.
Techno Angel
Well, my usual tendacy to procrastinate is still strong as ever, so I haven't even started that 'system reboot' I mentioned in a journal post.

so, here is another image, which is an excuse for me to play around with some Iray textures and a new 'outfit' (the banded, sci-fi 'bodysuit' she is wearing).  The body texture is just a 'special FX' applied to the entire body, and I applied some 'molten metal' shaders to the wings, and 'light emitters' to her halo.

The body suit has some poke thru in it, but overall I like how the game came out.
Doll Mistress
One more image before I attempt the 'Great Reboot".

One note: She is wearing undies (Pink, as a matter of fact :-)), but the shadows turn that area dark (i.e., those are not pubes), and the doll on the right has no genitalia or areola, so this is safe to not put a 'mature' tag on it.

An image inspired by something I saw, of all places, in a 3rd party supplement for the Pathfinder RPG called "Vigilantes of Horror 2":

To hear me get geeky about this supplement: I do like the idea of modifying the Pathfinder 'Vigilante" class (essentially a fantasy version of "Batman", complete with a mechanic for maintaining dual identities :-)).

However, I think this particular class could be better emulated by using the Pathfinder Summoner class, whose entire purpose is to have a 'pet' they can summon and grant a variety of abilities.

If I ever use this in any game I run (which may be a long time from now, as I've found I'm pretty burned out on tabletop gaming) I would probably use the Summoner, or else this class and grant her some 'Evolution Points' to use with her dolls.


Chup Smith
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Just using Poser to make Pron (mostly ;-) )

MP3 player of choice: Cheap :-)
Favourite cartoon character: Demona from Gargoyles
Like the Title says, I think I'm going to be taking a break for a couple of months.

The main reason is that my now 5 year plus old system is getting a bit wonky lately.  The only 'fixes' I have for this are to either purchase an entirely new system (which I plan on doing in the future), or do a 'reboot' of the system, setting it back to its starting, brand new state.

Before doing this, of course, I'm going to have to save files onto an external drive (not as much of it is porn as you might think :-)), and then re-install those files and programs afterwards.  Don't know how long this will take, but I hope to be back up and running by October at the latest (for my yearly Halloween Rendering season).

I'll try to start in a few days, so I may do one final render before this.

Until then, wish me luck :-)


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Do you do commissions?
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Thanks for the interest, but I'm afraid not, sorry :-(

I mention this in a journal post above, but it boils down to I just don't have the work ethic, no matter how bad I need the money :-)
DAQueenRuler Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2018
what about request?
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Pretty much the same answer, I'm afraid :-(

I already have several images I have to make for a poll I ran awhile back, and that is only because someone was kind enough to offer me a couple of months of Premium membership (I wish he had read my other post about requests before doing that; now I feel guilty about not completing the poll results in a reasonable amount of time :-().
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