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The Wolf

Wanted to make something at least a little monster-y for October. Finished most of the coloring on this on my stream.
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He looks almost like Talon Gwynik from the movie Wer.
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You are 100% my favorite artist amazing style and skills. Truly amazing
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nice work,, would love to see the wolf
Children-Of-TheNight's avatar
Very nice work, can you draw a version with door closed(only wolf) ?
Sannurra's avatar
cant tell anything, but overall is awesome!
cwm3556's avatar
I LOVE your amazing and beautiful artwork. The colors and details are stunning. 1 question, Why does he have an unfired bullet in his mouth. Looks like a .45acp. Just curious...
epill's avatar
menacing!! love it!!
Awesome. Would love to see the wolf head by itself. The detail is staggering.
Arixynie's avatar
You could create your own animated movie or series with the style you have. I would watch it in a heartbeat, or read a manga of it. I love your art. 
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Saw this on the Reddit /r/art forum and fell in love with it. This is so fucking awesome!
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オオカミ!素敵な絵!do you do everything digitally or scan your inks and then paint?
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ありがとう! All digital. Lines and colors.
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Im not 100% sure what it means but its awsome
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Love the artwork, the colors, the detail. It's amazing! I don't understand the unfired cartridge in his mouth. Sorry, I'm being too nit-picky. 
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watashi wa JONNEY to iimasu!
FrauNachbarin's avatar
Great and thrilling work! I really like the composition and choosing of colours.
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great art ♥ 
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This is incredible
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this looks awesome, must be made in a tattoo
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