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June 8, 2010
Respect the Hunt Fin. by =DarkSabata is fierce, energic and full of life. The stunning motion and rage =DarkSabata put on it is simply outstanding, and make me keep looking at this piece, amazed by the incredible feeling it gives off.
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Respect the Hunt Fin.

If you liked this COW be sure to vote for it, my username on ConceptArt is Bel696, here: [link]


This is my first COW submission for

It's a giant rampaging axolotl!

Had a lot of fun with this. Been trying to get more involved in the community. Hope every one enjoys the eye candy.

Poop and Rockets :heart:

Here's some information on this guy:

Concept: Megalaxolotl

A unique evolutionary branch of Axolotls, the Megalaxolotl is an intelligent and strong amphibious organism. It is a mild tempered creature but can be quite ferocious when threatened, it has also been known to use it's environment wisely in confrontations. Very few have been able to tame such beasts that only reside in the coldest parts of the now reformed polar ice caps. The Megalaxolotl only reproduce one time in there lifespan and because of that the organism is very protective of it's offsprings.Those who have tamed these beasts often only do so through exploiting the organism's parental nature by holding it's offspring hostage. But sometimes this method in itself is a gamble.
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LIstening to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky Osts while looking through all of these and see this. XD
You made my day! You really did! I expected anything but not Pokemon. Awesome.
kimsmasks's avatar
lol! the mudkip made me laugh!!! i've really been enjoying your gallery, you are fantastic. such great colors and interesting compositions. and now mudkip here... this is just too much
ChunLo's avatar
nokinno's avatar
Oh my...
That is so freaking awesome! :iconjakewowplz:
wallsofwoe's avatar
Been ages since i checked out a Weekly Activity on CA, glad to see theyre still making such bad ass work in there:)
Jake1159's avatar
is that mudkip ??

STYX7557's avatar
reminds me of sin.
BrittLong's avatar
AWESOME! xD love!
BabakoSen's avatar
Herd you liek Mudkips?
BTW, your creature >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mudkip
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
Rivenor's avatar
Mudkip daddy-o

shuaster's avatar
That was my thoughts exactly
CJsux's avatar
Mudkip offspring ftw!!! XD

I got your Mudkip, I'm untouchable hmmmkay?
Artsammich's avatar
That is pretty cool.
digammaloche's avatar
The man taming the beast with a mudkip?! xD This is most wonderful. This is the most fierce amphibian I've ever seen!
riku-the-ninjaXD's avatar
... that mudkip is beastly.... I want one~ Lovely job as always
CaligatumDementis's avatar
amazing work
ChunLo's avatar
CaligatumDementis's avatar
no problem
i like your works
sinninginheaven's avatar
Little detail that makes all difference : the MUDKIP ! :D

The picture is amazing,good job man (:
Everything is better with Mudkips but without them this picture would still be amazing!
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