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This is my entry to CGHUB's Creature Planet Activity and ArtOrder's Mutation Nation.
To vote for my piece you must be registered to CGHUB.
To vote just press the "THANKS" button. My username is Bel696 BTW.
Here's the link for the voting thread: [link]

Name: Bat-Mite

This chimera is the product of a vampire bat and a dust mite. It has evolved to the point where it no longer requires sight instead relying only on echolocation to move around it's environment. It tends to live in enclosed areas, preferably caves, in order to effectively use it's echolocation. This creature is very solitary and quite territorial, it also has the habit of chasing it's prey to the darkness of it's habitat to gain advantage over it's prey. The Bat-Mite's primary diet is blood, it uses it's long tongue to extract it's fill from the smallest of prey collecting as much of the blood as possible. The byproduct of this creature is so rich that vegetation seems to sprout plentifully where it lives. The quality of it's stool is so rich in fact that few have been willing to risk their lives to collect the stool in order to enrich their crops...or a new hallucinogen.



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holy shit this is good
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Oooh! I love this.
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And I crapped my pants! Screaming emoticon 
This is.... great. just great. scary, too.
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this pic is sic!
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Something about this strikes me as being Impressionist, and I certainly don't mean that as a derogatory term. It's refreshing to see a bit of looseness given to the work instead of everything being so clinically clean. The mid-ground rock arch really gives this piece a nice sense of weight.
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If that's Bat-Mite, then I'd hate to see Mr. Mxyzptlk! :XD:
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Its not the hero your carpet needs, its the one it deserves!
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it kinda reminds me of the vamps I saw in Priest ya knwo the whole alien like prerscene they gave ooff
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Why is this so badass! because it is....
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That is one effed up dust mite :omg: This is super cool though, I love how you combined both elements, its such a cool concept, I even love the furriness about it >w< Looking at it, I can just imagine all the destruction it can create, I can see it running around in my mind xD Such a threatening creature, you have an awesome imagination. I love it :XD:
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Nice creature idea indeed.
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That's how the bats in Rango should have looked like. Great job
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Very cool creature!!
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Featured here! Great work


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woah man, that's osom!
very very nice job :D
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i like this. something about it reminds me of resident evil five... should it lol?
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lol maybe...
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