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November 1, 2013
IKEA VS by ~chungkan "This theme is nicely crafted; I like the concept & its minimalism" -charush
Featured by fediaFedia
Suggested by charush
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for window 7 x64
Cad: Mikaella ~ fe9i
Rain: dijaysazon ...
you should use the hide blur tool
thank to neiio for base theme
sorry for my bad english ^^
Launchy [link]
Cad [link]
Big thanks to [link] Kamiru-desu
© 2012 - 2021 chungkan
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Charly11's avatar
Muy buen trabajo, te felicito!
FudjiSatoru's avatar
w10 edition need!
EternalDave's avatar
Is this gonna work on 32 bit?
ninryu's avatar
The navigation buttons do not work.
xVaskii's avatar
can i get the wallpaper pls?
How to hide icons and only show labels on the taskbar?
Yethiel's avatar
I still haven't found any theme that I like more.
Zarroc32's avatar
is there a chance you'll port this to windows 8 or 8.1?
drakulaboy's avatar
just ported for me to win 8.1, it's looking awesome, even without AeroGlass, will install AeroGlass to see how it is
anaflaviaa's avatar
If a ask to you make a theme for, would you do it? I'm wondering one theme with your black transparent bar. Just it. Thank you!
Yethiel's avatar
I love the theme but it does this to my explorer:…
is there a way to fix it?
Yethiel's avatar
I renamed the Shell folder so it applied the alternative one without folder band. It's now perfect.
ignecio58's avatar
hello :). I'm having the same issue . can you tell me how did you fix the shaking bar? please.
Le0n-the-stranger's avatar
awesome theme, could you make a little fix please? the start button and tray background is solid on vertical taskbar. thanks
1234VICE's avatar
Great stuff, but how do I change the taskbar/explorer icons?
great themes, could you port this theme to windows 8.1?
aihehe's avatar
any chance for a win 8 version?
dEGOnstruction's avatar
right click My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings (left side) -> Advanced tab -> Performance Settings -> enable 'show shadows under windows'

did that fix it?
King-J-Chase1's avatar
Could you PLEASE give the link to your wallpaper??? thank you
utsavshah's avatar
what a beauty :love:
thanks for sharing :peace:
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