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Are You Ready 4 by JoshXtor Are You Ready 4 :iconjoshxtor:JoshXtor 1 0 Grrrls Animation Meme (1pic/ocpic) by ScreamingSaturdayyy Grrrls Animation Meme (1pic/ocpic) :iconscreamingsaturdayyy:ScreamingSaturdayyy 2 0 Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf 2 (not end) by YoungLadyArt Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf 2 (not end) :iconyoungladyart:YoungLadyArt 16 15 Giganotosaurus carolinii skeletal diagram. by Franoys Giganotosaurus carolinii skeletal diagram. :iconfranoys:Franoys 187 119 Spinosaurini(=Spinosaurus aegyptiacus?) specimens. by randomdinos Spinosaurini(=Spinosaurus aegyptiacus?) specimens. :iconrandomdinos:randomdinos 238 98
The Largest Specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex
“Bigger than Sue”, the maximum size of Tyrannosaurus rex and evidence supporting the existence of individuals, which exceed FMNH PR 2081 in size and weight.
I would like to thank Dr. David W.E Hone, Nicholas R. Longrich, Peter L. Larson, and Scott A. Williams as through email correspondence they greatly assisted in collection of accurate information regarding the specimens used in this study. I would also like to thank Franoys on DeviantArt for providing the skeletal references used to make the silhouettes for the size comparisons. Franoy’s work regarding weight estimates have also been cited.  
Disclaimer: Reference to specific specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex using the gender pronouns of either he/she is purely for simplicity sake and does not refer to the actual sex of the animal as currently the sex of none of the specimens referenced has been identified.
:iconpaleonerd01:Paleonerd01 20 18
Weighing the Fisher King - biggest... or is it?
Spinosaurus aegyptiacus has, for quite a long time (the furthest I can trace it in scientific papers is 2005, but we all know what Jurassic Park /// was like), been described as the biggest theropod that ever existed. Even the, rather, well, dramatically updated version given by Ibrahim et al. (2014) didn't seem to spark the paleocommunity into doubting this perpetual title.
But should we really be repeating that claim?
Most methods to estimate dinosaur weights are, of course, rather imprecise, and references are often difficult to find. Double Graphic Integration (GDI) is currently the, well, least inaccurate of possible methods, but I've never had the capability to do it on my own.
However, Franoys recently proposed that we should work on one of those together, and (much to my surprise) he had the mathematical skills necessary to create a program that could do it for us. I don't want to expand too much on this, as maths aren't a field I enjoy working with, but for such things you can
:iconrandomdinos:randomdinos 10 79
A mathematical analysis on Spinosaurus mass.
UPDATE 10/02/2019:
This estimation was in need of an update for a long time. Lots of things have happened since I first produced the first estimate, which was also my first GDI ever. I produced my own lateral view of the skeletal, for an in depth discussion about the taxon and for clearing some doubts about how it was produced, please take a look at it and it's description:

For the first iteration of the model, the lateral view was simply an adaptation of the figure in the Ibrahim et al 2014 supplementary materials scaled to the size of the MSNM v 4047 rostrum, but the fit wasn't as perfect as I would have liked. This new lateral view should be more rigorous.
A second important update has been the production of a dorsal view. First, I used the preserverd fossils of IPHG 1912 to infer the shape of the ribcage and cross sections of it to infer the width, as well as other spinosaurid and megalosaurid specimens to infer the rest of the body, following a similar
:iconfranoys:Franoys 17 40
Giovanni of Team Rocket, FACTS Oct 2016 #11 by TR-Kurt Giovanni of Team Rocket, FACTS Oct 2016 #11 :icontr-kurt:TR-Kurt 14 3 K/DA Evelynn by Axsens K/DA Evelynn :iconaxsens:Axsens 3,646 59
Tyrannosaurus rex size.
As Chritopher Brochu once noted in his osteological study on Tyrannosaurus: "Nothing evokes prehistory more than Tyrannosaurus rex. Nearly any five-year-old in the industrialized world knows what it is, and to many, Tyrannosaurus is the quintessential predatory dinosaur-as Paul (1988:344) stated, "this is the theropod." It is the only nonavian dinosaur (and one of the few organisms) popularly known by the specific rather than generic name-"T. rex" is as common in the popular media as "Tyrannosaurus."
As well as:

“Tyrannosaurids are no more relevant to phylogenetics or comparative biology than any other group of organisms, but they are extremely popular. When we do science with Tyrannosaurus, we do it with a broader audience than if it were done with almost any other animal.”

Along with the biggest fame, come the greatest hyperboles, and the highest numbers of fanatics, as well as the most intense of them. However so do the most har
:iconfranoys:Franoys 38 89
Diplodocus carnegii CM 84 skeletal diagram by Franoys Diplodocus carnegii CM 84 skeletal diagram :iconfranoys:Franoys 117 55 The River King by Commanderblush The River King :iconcommanderblush:Commanderblush 3 2 Biggest of the Big by Paleonerd01 Biggest of the Big :iconpaleonerd01:Paleonerd01 117 14 Special: The Giant Sail by ASMeekerorum Special: The Giant Sail :iconasmeekerorum:ASMeekerorum 34 4 Controversial Spined Lizard by Paleonerd01 Controversial Spined Lizard :iconpaleonerd01:Paleonerd01 166 43





I am XDDragons and Velocity96
I inactive right now. My english is bad. In FeralHeart, it is bored and I have more friends. I always in Forum. Add me XDDragons and Velocity96 in FeralHeart. I less play FeralHeart because I play other games like Wolfteam Softnyx and Maplestory Sea(Maplesea).  
Thank You


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