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:iconoseike: tagged me, and I have nothing better to do (.__.  )
However, not tagging anyone because I SERIOUSLY DOUBT I have even a measly 10 people who listen to my mindless bs drivel.  Enjoy.

1: Post these rules.
2: Tell 10 things about yourself.
3: Tag 10 people from your friends list (or watchers).
4: Comment on each tagged person's page saying they've been tagged.

1. I have a... thing about food.  I am not really sure how to describe it.  Food is very important to me.  It goes beyond having a wide palette of food I enjoy or simply enjoying the taste and sensation of eating; despite how valid these points may be.  I sometimes use the medium of food to convey certain emotions and interactions I feel.  It also doubles as a measuring stick by which I can observe the levels of empathy I feel for other people.  In simpler terms, using only the simplest of examples: I like people who give me food, people who take my food from me piss me off, and how much of my food I will either willingly share or allow you to take is a good example of how much I like you.  

2. At some point, around the beginning of my college experience, all my friends became women.  I don't really know why.  Considering for the first 18 years of my life this has been the exact opposite case, it's a bit of a perplexing phenomenon.  I have to go pretty far down the chain to start finding qualified males.  (Upon re-reading this, I'd like to state that my male friends did not inexplicably change sex, but that the new friends I gathered around me were female from the outset.)

3. I am the touchy-feely type; much to the chagrin of the various broody and/or snarky art-types I associate with.  True, some break that mold, but it was the work of many others to set it in place.  I, personally, feel absolutely zero regret or shame in my actions.  However I will admit that it is........ advantageous that most of my friends are women.

4. I have a great fondness for playing around with vocabulary to make something sound either as technical or as academic as possible.  I do it less to try and impress people and make myself sound smarter than I am and more because I just enjoy the way it sounds.  However I've found that it can quickly make the things I say so needlessly complicated few can ever understand me.  Thankfully, I mostly do this by myself in my spare time.

5. I have been known to play devil's advocate in conversations just to see both sides of an argument discussed.  Even when I completely agree with the other person, I'll still sit there and argue points.  This habit I know drives one particular friend of mine absolutely bonkers.

6. I fucking hate button mushrooms.  That's really all you need to know.

7. 90% of all my favorite songs are actually older than I am.  Some by several decades.  Some people I know scoff at me for this.  I call them hairless sub-human apes incapable of experiencing the beauty of life that comes with a fully developed frontal lobe, which allows me to think on a higher plane of thought and experience.  

8. I can sleep just about anywhere, anytime, for any reasons.   At least..... twice I've managed this feat while standing.  It is my gift, it is my curse.  

9. Whenever I'm bored, or just find myself not thinking of anything in particular, I sit around pondering hypothetical situations.  This can range from what to do in catastrophes like zombie uprising or alien invasion, evil clone battles, and super-powered showdowns, to more mundane things like how I will scoop the peanut butter out of the jar to spread on bread or if I should get some oreos.  

10. I don't know when, I don't know how, I don't know why... but for at least the past several months; possibly over a year, I have been completely unable to simply eat a bag of m&ms out of the bag.  I must pour them out, organize them by columns of color based on the electromagnetic spectrum, then eat them in rows based on relative abundance.  Sometimes I alternate between crunching down on a row and sucking them into oblivion.  

Now... I need to get up early tomorrow and I'm tired and this shit makes no sense.  Go nuts.  I don't care.
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Yes, good. :icongo-on-plz: I am amuse.
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That's what God put me on this green earth to do. Amuse you, specifically.

*does a little dance*
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So long as you know it. 8)