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Miku Hatsune 2015



Fan Art I'm working on for some prints at my booth at Anime Revolution this year ^^; slowly accumulating some works ^o^;)> The hair bows variation is inspired by the ones on Blythe doll Hatsune Miku ^o^/
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hmmmm.... My most notable complaint is the symmetry.  It looks "lazy" because most of the image is a mirror of one side to the other.  This is fine when its part of the design, but a few adjustments would make the image feel more organic and less manufactured.  For example, make the pigtails slightly different or the ribbons.  

I think the SIMPLEST way to stop this being a perfect mirror image, is to work on the shading.  Think about where the light source is coming from anmd add shading to break the image up.  For example, you could have her right side more darker then her left.

The image suffers from light/shade confusion anyway, because it doesn't feel you have one unified light source, so its a problem you need to address.  According to the image, there are two light sources, which is fine, except there is no reaction to the light sources when their sources meet in the middle... There should be two shadowing areas caused by the duel lights. 

Its a good image, the lines are clean and concept is cute.  I think her head maybe a little too big, but I don't see any other issues with atomony(spelling) that stand out enough.  Sometimes being too accurate leaves no room for an artists own style too shine so sometimes too perfect is a bad thing.  If you fix the two issues it should be a nice sparkling piece.