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Hetalia Song Challenge
1. Pick a character, fandom, pairing, friendship, whatever.
2. Put your music program on shuffle/random and start playing songs.
3. For each song, write something inspired by the song related to the theme you chose earlier. You only have the song length. No pre-planning and no writing after the song is over. No skipping songs either.
4. Do 10 songs and post. Make sure to include the song name/artist. 
First Love- After School   
    Arthur was wondering how all of this came to be. When did he fall in love with Francis? Was it when they were kids when Francis would always be there to protect the little nation? Was it during WWII when they actually set aside their differences to work together for the first time ever in the history of their nations? He did not know. But one thing he did know was that he was falling for the older nation and hard. When Francis walked int
:iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 4 29
Merwy Kwistmas (Finland x Child! Reader)
Little baby (name) is just five years old. Her biological parents died when she was two and was thrown into foster care ever since. But luckily the month before Christmas she was adopted by two really great guys, Tino. This would be her first Christmas is a truly Loving home.
"Auntie? What do you think would be a good gift for daddy?," Little you ask your aunt Karina as you climbed into her lap.
"I don't know little one. How about something handmade?," She suggested.
"Like what?," you asked.
"Maybe a picture. After all this is your new permanent family," she replied as she hugged you tight.
"Okay! Thank you!," you squealed before returning the hug.
Little you stayed up way past your bed time, on Christmas Eve, drawing a family portrait with various crayons, colored pencils, and markers. Little you finally fell asleep but not before finishing your little artwork. Tino found you asleep at the kitchen table and picked you up to bring you back to his room as you didn't have your own yet. L
:iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 16 11
Big Hero 6 by Chugoku-4-life Big Hero 6 :iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 4 14
Mature content
Lover of the Seas (P.Spain x P.Reader) Ch.5 :iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 16 9
The Adventures of Finland and Norway
1. Sharing is caring.
Part.1 Tino's room.
Tino and Lukas after a hard night of partying woke up in a nice comfy to each other. Tino was holdings hand with Lukas when he abruptly woke up. He look down at his hand to see that it was connected to the Norwegian's so he shook him until he woke up.
The Norwegian looked around the room until his eyes rested on the Fin's...and then he groaned.
"We got drunk didn't we," he said taking his hand away from the Fin's.
"Yeah again. We didn't have sex though right?," the Fin asked.
"Oh God no," the Norwegian answered getting.
"You say that like you wouldn't enjoy it," Tino stated.
Lukas thought about if for a second before agreeing with Tino. Lukas then gathered his shoes and backpack and left the room with an unspoken agreement to never speak about it ever.
Part.2 Lukas' room.

I woke up to loud snoring and a weight on my chest while the sun was in my eyes. I look down to see Tino drooling
:iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 8 27
M.D. #12 (Male! Belarus x Reader) 2P Mafia AU P.2
We met up at a small café outside of town. She was wearing a cute (f/c) sundress and I had jeans and a graphic tee. It was a pretty simple date, café then a walk in the park, but the amount of paparazzi there was overwhelming perfect for this whole stunt.
I didn't notice how cute she was until we went to the park. Her hands where small and soft, lips nice and plump, and the most beautiful (e/c) I have ever seen. She noticed me staring at her and gave me a nice big (obviously fake) warm smile which I regrettably blushed at.
"Hey darling can we that kiss we missed yesterday?," one of the reporters asked when we passed them.
"Sure thing mister," she replied with a big smile.
She turned to me and grabbed my shoulders to kiss me roughly and hotly. Instinctively I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close deepening the kiss. I heard mass amo
:iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 15 0
Lover of the Seas (P. Spain X P. Reader) Ch. 4
Pirate! Spain x Princess! Reader
After docking in Trivadrum, the crew got off in search for...something. They wouldn't tell me what it is.
"So what are we looking for?," I asked Carriedo.
"None of your business," he answered.
"Isn't it my business since you kidnapped me from the palace?," I asked mockingly.
"I kidnapped you which means you should know nothing now stop interrupting me," he stated cruelly.
Well since he feels that way about me I went to explore the spices. While diving into the beautiful world of  black pepper I bumped into a little girl.
"Hi I'm Kanta ," she said.
"Hello I'm (Name)," I replied.
"My mother harvests spices and sells them at the markets," she said before digging in a sack and showing me a handful of spices.
She then put it back, took my hand, and directed me to a gentleman who was surrounded by children. She tugged his shirt lightly and he turned around to face us. He had shaggy blonde hair, gorgeous green eye
:iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 11 9
Queen Signy (oc) by Chugoku-4-life Queen Signy (oc) :iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 1 0 Queen Sacnite (oc) by Chugoku-4-life Queen Sacnite (oc) :iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 1 0 Queen Brunhild (oc) by Chugoku-4-life Queen Brunhild (oc) :iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 2 2 Queen Bao (oc) by Chugoku-4-life Queen Bao (oc) :iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 2 0 Queen Abbey (OC) by Chugoku-4-life Queen Abbey (OC) :iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 3 0
Mature content
Prank War 2015 Belgium/Luxembourg vs. Iceland/Sey. :iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 2 2
Prank War 2015 America/Canada vs. S.Korea/Vietnam
The 4th of July, America's birthday.
Seaweed soup. Seaweed soup was my birthday breakfast courtesy of Yong Soo. Yes, my birthday was hijacked by Cam and Yong Soo. Mattie and I even wore traditional hanboks. Yong Soo took over my TV so I could only watch Korean TV and the food was made by Cam.
I couldn't leave the house because the stole my keys and Mattie left his at his place.
It was a pretty enjoyable birthday except for the fact that I couldn't celebrate my freedom but other than that it was pretty awesome.
Yong Soo really know how to put on a great fireworks display. That's how he made up for the lack of patriotism but I'm not going to forgive them so easily.
Now...time to plan how to prank them back.
:iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 1 6
Prank War 2015 America/Canada vs. Hong Kong/Taiwan
Ah July 1st, the birthdays of Canada and Hong Kong, also the beginning of Prank War 2015. What better way to celebrate a birthday then with getting pranked.
In Canada...
Mattie woke up to dim sum, Chinese lanterns, and Cantonese banners. With eating one of the dim sums Al unwrapped one of Matt's presents to find Chinese videogames, sparklers, and a red panda plushie.
Hong Kong took over Canada Day.
With Kumajiro gone for the day and nothing to make pancakes with Matt went to decipher the Cantonese video games in order to play them. He spotted a new picture frame on the fireplace. In it was a picture of Mei and Leon holding up the peace signs and written on it was Happy Birthday Matthew! in Cantonese of course.
Well done, Hong Kong. Well done.
Instead Mei in his arms Leon woke up to Kumajiro and Justin Beiber blasting in his ears. He turned off the radio and went downstairs to see the house covered in maple leaves and snowflakes. Mei was eating some fluffy pancakes whe
:iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 1 2
Prank War 2015: Introduction
June 30, 2015 Geneva, Switzerland
"Alright men, women, we called this brief meeting today to discuss the rules for the Prank War for 2015," Ludwig stated.
Elizabeta stood up and said the rules. They are as follows:
1. The war starts on the 1st of July and ends on the 31st.
2. Groups of two only.
3. Everyone participates including micronations.
4. Anything goes. Anything. Including information lending as backstabbing sabotage, magic, and torture is allowed.
5. Winners are the Queens or Kings of the world and get to establish new world rules for the month of August and please be reasonable here.
"Does everyone consents to the rule and terms of agreement of this war?," she asked and everyone nodded.
"Good everyone prepare for tomorrow and before I forget Happy Birthday Hong Kong and Canada," she ended the meeting and everyone left.
First battle is Canada & America vs. Hong K
:iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 2 2


Romano and Fem.Romano - cosplay by ChibiMisa94 Romano and Fem.Romano - cosplay :iconchibimisa94:ChibiMisa94 16 1 Daily Paint 2156. Clocktopus by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2156. Clocktopus :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 2,432 60 Daily Paint 2150. Cyberskunk by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2150. Cyberskunk :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,455 108 Daily Paint 2153. Embear by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2153. Embear :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,974 118 Witch's Date by larienne Witch's Date :iconlarienne:larienne 6,324 145 Saturday Night by larienne Saturday Night :iconlarienne:larienne 4,038 88 Daily Paint 2147. Starbuck by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2147. Starbuck :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,827 129 Pidge~ by mory-chan Pidge~ :iconmory-chan:mory-chan 2 1 Daily Paint 2142. Sweet and Sour Pork by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2142. Sweet and Sour Pork :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,133 49
The Walk Home (2p!Canada x Reader)
____________________ ran into the cabin and locked the door. Matthew heard the door slam and looked up from the game. She was panting and looked pale and shaking.
“Maple leaf? What’s the matter?!”
“T-The weirdest thing happened while I was walking home!”
“You walked home?” he frown.
“I didn’t want to disturb you from your game,” he leered at her, “I know, I know I should have called you!”
“What happened? Are you okay?” she nodded. He brought her to the couch and went into the kitchen and got her her favorite drink. She downed it and told him what happened.
_______________________ was coming home that night late. It was about nine and it was pitch black outside. She was getting back from visiting Dad and got sidetracked and was heading home. She needed the exercise so she just wanted to walk home, especially since it was a nice night out. The walk took about an hour so her exercise for the day was do
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 31 20
Daily Paint 2140. Halfbread by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2140. Halfbread :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,413 125 China by beebee20 China :iconbeebee20:beebee20 18 0 WW2 Nyo!Hetalia movie poster by beebee20 WW2 Nyo!Hetalia movie poster :iconbeebee20:beebee20 82 12 Hetalia ladies by beebee20 Hetalia ladies :iconbeebee20:beebee20 40 1 #Selfie by beebee20 #Selfie :iconbeebee20:beebee20 23 2 Daily Paint 2136. Tomahawk by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2136. Tomahawk :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,492 261





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So France and America did this :iconbedsexplz:
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Canada was just as spacey and said :iconfuckwhocanadaplz:
Then Russia went :iconfuckyourussiaplz:
So Italy and Canada were all :iconitalyflagplz: :iconcanadawtfplz:
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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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