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Porky Moveset by chuggaacoRnroy Porky Moveset :iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 0 0 Arle Moveset by chuggaacoRnroy Arle Moveset :iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 0 0 Waluigi Moveset by chuggaacoRnroy Waluigi Moveset :iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 1 0 Metal Gear Branwen (Read the Description) by chuggaacoRnroy Metal Gear Branwen (Read the Description) :iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 2 6 After Weegee Was Kicked Out of Crusade... by chuggaacoRnroy After Weegee Was Kicked Out of Crusade... :iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 1 0
Rewriting RWBY: What if Cinder spared Pyrrha? (2)
Hey, everyone, and welcome back to Rewriting the Story! Finally, am I right? Today, we return to "What if Cinder Spared Pyrrha?"
At long last, moving on to Volume 6! I’ve been waiting for this since Volume 5 was nearing its end.
So, anyway, right of the bat, we find our heroes are fighting off Grimm on top of the train, then a flashback to just before they boarded said train for context.
Ruby meets up with everyone else waiting for the train, teasing Yang with the gift bag or whatever. While Nora is excited and making her cartoony poses, Jaune and Pyrrha are probably flirting with each other in the background. Y’know, just to remind the viewers that they’ve become a couple at this point. Anyway, Ren points out that they’ll be closer to Atlas, which Weiss is disgusted by, countering that she went through so much trouble to leave Atlas. Ruby and Pyrrha assure her that Superteam RWBYJNPR will stay together all the way unless splitting up is absolutely necessary.
:iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 0 0
Some marriage advisement call thing
(Gorillaz's "Clint Eastwood" but as a ringtone)
-Sup, Liam?-
Hey, Nate. Sephy. Bolo. Whassup, my dude?
-Just called for some of your advisement.-
-See, Cristina is kinda…dwelling on the past a little…it’s starting to make me feel a little down…-
Yeah, I know how that feels.
-Yeah, it sucks. Any ideas?-
I dunno, maybe take her to do something fun. Ya know, keep her mind off it.
-That’s a good idea, actually.-
And remember, a happy marriage is about three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes, and never giving up on each other.
-Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.-
No problemo, buddy.
-Well, I gotta go. Cristina needs me to do the dishes. When can the next appointment be scheduled?-
Whenever one of you wants my advice, I guess.
-A little vague, but alright. Bye.-
:iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 1 0
Merry Christmas! by chuggaacoRnroy Merry Christmas! :iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 2 0 Superteam RWBYJNPR (better version) by chuggaacoRnroy Superteam RWBYJNPR (better version) :iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 7 0 Superteam RWBYJNPR by chuggaacoRnroy Superteam RWBYJNPR :iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 2 0 Bigcineroar by chuggaacoRnroy Bigcineroar :iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 4 7 Fighters Pass predictions by chuggaacoRnroy Fighters Pass predictions :iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 1 2 Fraud on the Cod by chuggaacoRnroy Fraud on the Cod :iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 0 0 Guidance Conversation for Piranha Plant by chuggaacoRnroy Guidance Conversation for Piranha Plant :iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 1 0 Menorah Valkyrie by chuggaacoRnroy Menorah Valkyrie :iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 0 0 I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife by chuggaacoRnroy I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife :iconchuggaacornroy:chuggaacoRnroy 1 1


Sora and Riku: Reunion Cross ~Commission~ by Xero-J Sora and Riku: Reunion Cross ~Commission~ :iconxero-j:Xero-J 64 6 The Day They Met by JBX9001 The Day They Met :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 59 50
SMJBX Group Bios: Team Bolt

Team Bolt is a group of Inklings that are considered elites in the game of Turf War.  Having been created shortly before the events of the single-player story in the first Splatoon, every member holds high levels and ranks, being in the range from A to S (and in the case of their leader, X).  Team Bolt is hardly defeated in battles and wins most of their matches; with the exception of their rivals, Team B.O.S.S., who always puts up a fight against them and has won plenty of victories against them.  As Team B.O.S.S. is considered to be the main group of Inklings Super Mario JBX focuses on, Team Bolt acts as antagonists to them (but are not actual villains, per se).  Despite this, the girls in the team are actually on good terms with Team B.O.S.S., even hanging out with them plenty of times outside of Turf War (though the boys usually depart from the squad to do their own thing).
Team Members
:iconjbx9001:JBX9001 2 4
SMJBX Character Bios: Tsumi

"Don't I look SO kawaii in this school uniform?!  It's just like the ones they wear in the slice-of-life anime shows!  Even though we don't have uniforms at the school I go to, so I kinda stand out!  Oh, how silly of me, I haven't even told you my name yet!  Lessee... 'Boku wa...  Tsumi!'  Yeah, that's about right, isn't it?  Call me 'Tsumi-chan'!"
Full Name: Tsumi
Nickname(s): Highlights (used by Snap N. Koopa, in reference to her mixed hair colors), Weeaboo Queen (used by Goombatt, typically when she starts bothering him)
Species: Toad
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 3'00"
Weight: 56 lbs
Birthplace/Hometown: Toad Town

July 20
Occupation: Club president (school anime club)
Affiliations: Goombatt ("it's complicated"), Mimi (pet)
:iconjbx9001:JBX9001 9 11
SMJBX Character Bios: Spike the Armadillo Lizard

"Heh heh heh!  Check me out; I'm all fired up and ready to do some literal trail blazin'!  I got no time to chill, I'm too busy crankin' up the heat!  Hope you're ready to feel the burn, 'cuz I'm one lit lizard!"
Full Name: Spike the Armadillo Lizard
Nickname(s): None in particular
Species: Armadillo lizard (Mobian)
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 4'00''
Weight: 85 lbs
Birthplace/Hometown: Sandopolis Zone
Birthday: October 18
Occupation: None
Affiliations: Aside from family, none in particular
Likes: Pranks, running, sun bathing, making fire puns, stand-up comedy
Dislikes: Anything cold, long lines/wait times, moody/depressing people, enemies
:iconjbx9001:JBX9001 2 9
8 Fantastic Facts on Airashi (Tag Journal)

Been tagged by my good friend Palkachu, and the challenge is actually just like the one with Spike the Armadillo Lizard; only this time, the character of choice is none other than Airashi Furuya!  Can't say no to one o' my DA buds, so here we go!  For any of you possible new folks, this be Airashi:

Post all the rules (Consider it done)
2 Post eight facts about your character
3 Tag eight other people
4 Post the character's name next to their owners
:iconjbx9001:JBX9001 7 4
SMJBX Character Bios: Airashi Furuya

"Konichiwaaaa~!  Boku wa Airashi Furuya!  ...Eh heh, I mean, my name's Airashi Furuya.  Anyway, you've probably already guessed it by now, but I'll say it regardless; I LOVE Mario-kun!  I mean, he's so kawaii, but really brave and strong too!  And he's such a kind-hearted guy, no doubt he's gotten so popular!  ...Nani?  Have I actually told Mario-kun I love him?!  Wellllllll...  Ummmmm...  J-Just read my bio, okay?!"
Full Name: Airashi Furuya
Nickname(s): Maria (self-appointed), Ai (shortened version of her first name, used by multiple people), The School Princess (used by other students during her years in middle & high school, particularly boys), Groupie (used by Wario, in reference to her infatuation with Mario)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 13 (in Super Mario JBX Zero: The Lost Adventures), 24 (main series, pictured)
:iconjbx9001:JBX9001 12 26
1981 in 2019 by JBX9001 1981 in 2019 :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 96 52 Real Helpful, Buddy by EthnicPlumberGirl Real Helpful, Buddy :iconethnicplumbergirl:EthnicPlumberGirl 11 78 Switch Inktober 2018 by Xero-J Switch Inktober 2018 :iconxero-j:Xero-J 131 40 [Comm.] Bolo X Shantae Stamp by TheKitsuneAlchemist [Comm.] Bolo X Shantae Stamp :iconthekitsunealchemist:TheKitsuneAlchemist 29 10 Wait, where's Master Fu? by RicePoison Wait, where's Master Fu? :iconricepoison:RicePoison 66 4 BWAHser by DrQuack64 BWAHser :icondrquack64:DrQuack64 42 26 not this minion, gingerbread cornrows! by lasagnya not this minion, gingerbread cornrows! :iconlasagnya:lasagnya 1 0 miraculous ladybug adrinette wedding by Gamnamu miraculous ladybug adrinette wedding :icongamnamu:Gamnamu 509 40 BIG Stamp: LenMiku - Vocaloid by MikuFregapane BIG Stamp: LenMiku - Vocaloid :iconmikufregapane:MikuFregapane 111 27



Porky Moveset
Spankety, spankety, spankety!
I couldn't decide between "Porky Means Business!" and "Porky Hams it Up!" But I think "Means Business" was a more clever reference.
Arle Moveset
If you haven't guessed by now, I LOVE Puyo Puyo. Arle is one of my many characters I want in Smash. Maybe Schezo as an assist trophy...though I'd prefer to have him playable alongside Arle. Any excuse to have my PuyOTP in fully-rendered HD is a good excuse. Though a Schezo Mii Swordfighter set would be just as good, but I digress.
Arle's other moves would be a blend of some of her other actual spells from Puyo and Madou Monogatari, her ability to use magic in general, certain aspects of her personality, and just the overall happy, lighthearted spirit of Puyo Puyo as a whole. Plus maybe a few moves involving Carbuncle, because where would Arle be without him?
Waluigi Moveset
Waluigi's been waiting for so long, and now it's finally time for him to join the playable roster of Fighters in Smash! Running his combination-bridal-boutique-and-taco-stand can be stressful sometimes, and what better way to relieve some of that stress than by whacking Sandbag over and over while waiting for an online match to start?
Credit to Cactuarlover/Nicky for the Waluigi render. I can't bring myself to leave a link to his account, for the sake of keeping my profile as clean possible, but Nicky, if you're viewing this, then thanks, man.
Metal Gear Branwen (Read the Description)
Qrow's voice sounds like Solid me, at I tried to start a new petition on to get Rooster Teeth to cast David Hayter as the new voice of Qrow, but for some reason, it won't let me get past the third step! So instead, I'm starting a hypothetical petition here. To sign, just comment below saying "signed", or, if you have a comment on your reason for signing, you can do that too. Either way, let's make this happen.
So, Vic Mignogna has been fired from the RWBY cast for reasons we can't talk about on a PG account, so assuming there's gonna be an audition to replace him as the voice of Qrow, I have a nominee in mind: David Hayter. That's right, the voice of Metal Gear's Solid Snake himself! Qrow already sounds like me, at least, so David would do perfectly!

The sarcastic part of me and my inner shipper are simultaneously saying, "Oh, gee, I wonder if Bolo approved of this!"


United States


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