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SPLICERS Soothsayer Harbinger

Soothsayer Harbinger Providence

Hello Fam,

Once again we have a new contribution based from the Palladiumbooks RPG called “SPLICERS”. This illustration is a continuation for the Palladiumbooks forums “SPLICERS: Unleashed” contest which entails the invasion of a Dark Oceanic House that has now unleashed major attacks on the surface against both Splicers and Machine alike with its new dark biotechnology. This was another winning Entry that was created & written by poster Lord Z. This illustration is of the character known as “Harbinger Providence” along with her formidable Host Armor, I dubbed ”Kismet” for now. Also featured in the far background is one of her personal bodyguard Tormentors.

Harbinger Providence leads a nomadic team of Soothsayer Cultists. She is a cleric who holds the rank of Harbinger and is recognizable by her powerful Phalanx Host Armor that resembles a Sabertooth Ocelot Centaur. The entourage who follows her is a mixed assortment of battle-hardened soldiers, all Soothsayers. This team includes numerous Biotics, Packmasters, Falconers, Roughnecks, Archangels, Grendel Outriders, Scarecrows; and she has several Tormentor bodyguards by her side at all times. She is visiting all Great Houses to monitor and evaluate treatment of her fellow Soothsayer sects. If the congregation she visits is treated well and her expedition is not impeded, she has been known to assist the Great House against attacks by the Machine and the Violet Wave. Reportedly, she will otherwise trigger a campaign of guerrilla warfare attacks if she determines the local sect is being mistreated or abused. So, clean your closets before she arrives.

About the Sooth Sayers by a Great House Scribe:
“”My fellow Scribes and Historians:
I take this opportunity to share what I know concerning the Cult of Sooth. I have information to offer: multiple theories, precious few facts and a personal observation of this very certain social phenomena. Any of this information may or may not be already known to you. I hope if you know more and if you are able to contribute, you will see fit to respond. Together, we can perhaps piece together this most curious and disturbing puzzle.
Personally speaking, I would not object to placing all cult members in protective custody. Despite the impressive bravery displayed by Soothsayer converts when fighting against the Machine, I do not see significant reason to believe the motives of all Soothsayers are inline with the larger goals of the Human Resistance. More concisely, I do not trust anyone who bends knee to the N.E.X.U.S.
The Soothersayer Cult first arrived into our territory less than a year ago. Investigations by my assistants have revealed that the cult was imported by refugees from an unspecified location. These original Soothsayer-evangelists are no longer available for questioning: they were recently killed when their refugee encampment was caught in crossfire between the militiamen of our own Great House of Barren Marsh and a robotic patrol at the edge of our surface territory. Before death, these refugees had already established new congregations of converts within two of our retro-villages. From there, the cult spread and established congregations in the other villages and our own city within weeks. None of our senators have been converted yet, so there is little chance of a Soothsayer becoming Warlord of this Great House within my lifetime, but the Cult is strongly supported by ten percent of our population and growing.
Experiences with Soothsayers in other Houses differ. I have read reports of similar growth occurring in nearby Great Houses and their allied surface communities. There are inconsistencies in these reports: the origin of their congregations differs greatly from one telling to another, the extent of infiltration differs from one House to another, and the Cult has developed into a potent political faction by varying degrees in difference Houses.
My reports include a range of responses to the Cult by warlords and other officials. Soothsayers, or 'Soothers' as they are often called by non-members, have been arrested and interrogated to discern their intentions. In other areas, Soothersayer congregations were forced to disband. In at least one community, an entire congregation of a dozen families was exiled from the haven. The leaders of other communities have embraced these sects, took heed of their prophecies and converted to learn more of their beliefs and predictions.
When dealing with a developing congregation, neither humanitarian tolerance nor repressive crackdowns develop desirable results. I base this statement on results observed by Great Houses that have tried either approach. When the authority takes a stand against the Cult, backlash by libertarian-minded citizens has turned violent. When left to grow unchecked, the Cult develops its own chain of command, which conflicts with the legal government of the Warlord.
This is no trifling matter, my colleges. Social riots have been triggered in at least two Houses. It is unclear whether this rioting is a legitimate emotional reaction to government repression or if – the riots are engineered by the Soothsayers themselves to engender sympathy and recruit the dissatisfied - as suspected by conspiracy theorist. The most striking and disturbing element of this trend is the prophesying. With great consistency, the Soothersayers proclaim an incoming wave of doom that will raze the surface and preparation for an epidemic to follow. This prediction is consistent with reports of attacks by powerful new biotechnology, which is occurring currently in several coastal territories.
The imagery of a “wave” is both consistent and confusing. Many scholars and council members in my Great House speculated and debated on this specific meaning of the word “wave”. The initial interpretation, now known as the “Mechanical Theory”, was that N.E.X.U.S. would be the aggressor: field some new type of war-mechanism, or release some new form of nano-plague upon the Resistance, and that this new weapon would be deployed across the surface in a swooping wave pattern. This initial theory was believed in their minds but would not openly admit due to its possible magnitude and potential for causing mass hysteria. It is still possible that N.E.X.U.S. will return the old days of aggressive global genocide, so the theory is still held by a few stubborn military strategists.
The initial theory was followed by the Social Theory. It was hypothesized by one of our Librarians that the prophecy itself and the larger Cult was a deception engineered by N.E.X.U.S. or rival Great Houses seeking to usurp certain territories. The riots and distractions we have already experienced could result in Resistance losing key, highly fought-for positions. This Social Theory seems well supported by recent developments in the coastal territories. Furthermore, this theory does specifically conflict with the official beliefs of the Soothsayers themselves. The Soothsayers believe that goddesses determine mankind's fate and reveal their will through visions directed to their priest-class. That may be exactly what is happening, not for the greater purpose of helping humankind as the Soothsayers believe but rather to divide and weaken the Resistance.
Finally, the Logictist Theory was developed. The Logictists are an elite order of high-scholar aristocrats who devise their methodology and policy recommendations based entirely on logical analysis and sound rational reasoning. I now disclose that I am a member of this order myself. We Logictists concluded that there was too much metaphoric interpretation of the wave-symbol and that was symbolic at all. According to our theory, the wave accurately describes the affects of literal tsunami that would crush the shoreline communities and any nearby Resistance strongholds. According to historical legend, the old nation-states developed this same technology during a period known as the Cold War. It is plausible that N.E.X.U.S. recreated this tactic: manipulating underwater volcanoes or fault lines, amplifying the resulting wave with resonating explosions, and directing the tidal wave towards specific target regions. As devastating at this strategy could be towards the surface battlefront, the affect would be worse for the oceanic strongholds, sea faring armadas, numerous biotechnology surplus caches, and resources stored in deep fathom sites or islands. We have calculated it would be effective against both coastal communities and the oceanic dwelling communities of the Resistance whom have resided in the vast water sanctuary beyond the grasp of N.E.X.U.S., drastically setting the Resistance back threefold.”


I enjoyed illustrating this one a great deal as I got a chance to design a Host Armor (HA) with cultural influences based on the Entry, utilizing exotic painted markings & bio enhanced Living Tattoos on both her and her Host Armor. That’s right people Living Tattoos with bio-enhanced abilities on both bodies. I decided to make her more voluptuous than norm as a side note for possible conspiracy theorist that she was possibly one the many genetically engineered clones grown by the machine for extraordinary seduction and strategic alluring purposes form one of the Vact Clone Farms devised for some possible NEXUS prototype project. This piece also allowed me to demonstrate just how versatile Host Armor customizations can be.

Originally I bounced back and forth between this being her Host Armor or it being a Warmount because of its scale and typical depiction of beasts this size always being Warmounts. However, as I thought more on it and the range of scale specifications and customization possibilities for building a Splicers Host Armor I realized just how intriguing, fun and rewarding such a prospect HA could be. With the potential for fighting Machines of varying sizes, rival Host Armors and Warmounts or predating any of the vast array of large alien predators & fauna that roam the harsh plant, I decided it best to go for it and make it a Host Armor. With her having a seated position inside the Host armor, I envisioned what it would be like to operate such a powerful and explosive feline centaur like Host Armor, running at high speeds or bounding like a cat and yet not sacrificing any of the humanoid features and hand-to-hand capabilities. I envisioned eerie jade green eyes & the central visor of the Host Armor illuminating as she pounces from her stealth field out of the shadows onto adversaries or just the presence she would command walking amongst a platoon of other comrade Host Armors.

I could easily imagine the Harbinger’s Host Armor armed with a strategic array of Bio-enhancements and weapons such as:
> Stealth Field ideal for such a predatory Host Armor with a large appetite.
> Gripping hairs and suction cups ideal for scaling and running along walls, ceilings, and trees,
> Lighting Discharger primed for intense melee combat and dealing with Machines, piercing deep into their circuitry or rival pilots of Host Armors, Living Body Armors or Warmounts, especially with those Saber teeth & claws ensuring the deep transfer of the powerful current discharge. The Lightning Discharge would also ensure that the back of the Host Armor is also “easily” defendable by releasing potent pulses & or point of contact with the tail or rear clawed paws and hindlegs discharging the electricity should a rear threat arise.
> Organic Rockets mounted into each rear leg thigh for long range & surface to air with tracking ability.
> Shoulder mounted Heat Projector Cannon for long-range (1800 feet) assault and firepower with an unlimited payload.
>.Forearm mounted Bore Cannon to fire devouring grubs into targets
> Let alone her Bio Living tattoos and the various abilities she can do with them.
… boy oh boy this possibilities for sculpting this HA are endless.

If only we can truly determine who’s side she is really on, smile

As always it’s a pleasure and please feel free to post your thoughts. Don’t forget “The Splice Must Flow…”

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Cool characters,i Hope see them again :)
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I have been playing palladium since rifts came out I just wish I could get a good scheldule lol.
CapriciousCeilican's avatar
Just... *o*
I'm a bit of an artist myself, but I have to have a reference if I want it to look realistic. Otherwise it looks like something from an anime show.
<3 the artwork. :D
TerraxLorche's avatar
That's one of the things I love about Palladium. It's such an open end creative systems. I grew up with a hobby store a block from my house and would spend entire days there just reading till I had enough money to buy the books... I've moved several times and have had to by nearly everything twice over... This last move has seen me the longest without books. I'd like to get them in digital copy if possible... at least that way I'd never loose them again... sigh... oh sorry mind wandered.... o.o

Love this pick, and the design thought that went into it made it even better. THANK YOU! ^_^
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This is amazing... <3 Im just.. Amazed. Even my mom, whom is an artist herself, said 'Wow'
DrakeAT's avatar
Your art is awesome. And that's an understatement. I must learn from you.
ChuckWalton's avatar
So humbled I am right now! Thank You kindly Sir and I will strive to keep learning and getting better.
campbelllee's avatar
In my humble opinion, this is one of your strongest pieces from a technical standpoint. The variety of textures and surface types illustrated with nothing more than pencil shows a high degree of synthesis between perception and stroke.

Carry on!
ChuckWalton's avatar
Why Thank You and glad you captured all of the hard work that was implemented into words. Now its time to transition into the storytelling as you already know is long over due! Can't wait to see your book man... I am stoked!
Nazaxprime's avatar
Still working on my Rifter article...
Man, you are such a champ. Thanks for another inspiration!
ChuckWalton's avatar
Thanks! Git her done and turn it in! Can't Wait to read it!
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Gorgeous work man :iconohmygodplz:
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ChuckWalton's avatar
Thanx bro, still trying to do my thang
This piece is absolutely gorgeous! If this is a indication as to what to be expecting in the Splicer Source Book for illustrations then I am going to buy a copy the very day it hits the shelves in my town.
ChuckWalton's avatar
Thank You! Its a good indicator I would say as to what we are looking to contribute as far as the caliber of art and design, though the Soothsayer Harbinger concept itself was create and devised by Palaldiumbooks forum poster "Lord Z". It was one of the winning entries for the SPLICERS Unleashed contest I conducted on the Palladiumbooks forums. I thank you for the encouraging support and we are hoping to see high sales volumes for the upcoming Splicers sourcebooks.
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Now that I have read your description, Chuck, I see that the stats I created for this host armor are completely different than how you were thinking about it. You saw this as more of an agility-and-recon-oriented construct -- leaping up into trees, sneaking with a stealth shield, using fire and flee weapons like bore canons. My version was more of a tough melee fighting construct -- all claws and laser-swords. Someone should make stats for your version also as it seems like it would be really fun to play.

Oh yeah, the illustration is incredible. Your level of detail is insane. Thanks for hosting the contest.
ChuckWalton's avatar
By ALL means I like your final version much better! Great conceet and contribution to Splicers Unleashed once again and Now that I know who you are on here I can keep an eye on ya and see what you are conjuring. Thanx for the compliment and support, "Lord Z"!
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where you become so good in drawings ? ? ? every drawing by you is incredible for me
ChuckWalton's avatar
Thank u so much. I have been drawing eversince I was little and just love it and practice it A LOT! The key is staying inspired and being like a spounge and absorbing everything you can that helps you become better, stronger Artist. I still have a long... way to go
King-Anarky's avatar
wow !!! what an imagination to come up with something like that, it is amazing.
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