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Hey Everyone, I recently completed illustrations for (2) new Splicers O.C.C.s (Metamorph & Swarmlord) in the latest Rifter#51 published by Palladiumbooks. This issue can be purchased directly through Palladiumbooks: [link]

Splicers Guru, Chris ‘Slappy” Kluge & I developed this concept together and it was a ton of fun seeing this concept come to life. The Metamorph is one of the illustrations where I did illustrations for its 15 various forms. I will upload and showcase (5) of the 15 forms as I don’t want to give away everything.

The experimental Biotic variation known as the Metamorph is an attempt to augment human beings with the awesome power of Bio-Technology without forcing them to permanently surrender their humanity. The idea was that the subject would retain his human/her form and physiology when interacting with civilians back at home, but before entering the field, they would be able to quickly transform their body into a powerful Bio-Tech war machine. Metamorphs can assume various forms, some are larger than their human forms, some are smaller. Watching a Metamorph transform into a larger form is somewhat disgusting, but witnessing one transform into a smaller creature is truly horrifying.

Demon Flying Form: Not every Metamorph that takes to the skies wants to do it with beauty and grace. Some prefer to get their hands dirty, and the devil flying form fits their needs perfectly. It is also a humanoid form with large wings, but instead of looking angelic, this form look like a demon or gargoyle. The oversized arms end in wicked clawed hands and the legs are somewhat short to reduce drag. It has a more pronounced muzzle like a gargoyle and the large horns mounted on its head complete the devil look. It is much stronger and more durable than the angel form, but it is also slower and less maneuverable.

I cant help but to picture the stylish sleek wicked color shemes on this form and the raw vicious nature it would exhibit. Selecting bio-enhancements for his form would be fun... Not to mention it's nemesis form, the "Angel" really has a nice aesthetic, but oh... you will have to buy the book if your anxious to see that one, XD
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